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  1. Ya know, it's weird. I filled the order on the 28th, on the online receipt it said it shipped the 29th, but I never received email confirmation that anything happened? Needless to say I haven't gotten the BP either.
  2. you know, i got the sunburn-looking spots on the top of my cheek / inch below my eye region too. i just have to be weary of how high i put the bp on my cheeks. for me, it wont burn if i keep the bp roughly half an inch below the sunburnish spots. the red hasnt faded away as of yet, but then again ive only been on the regimen a week and a half? ah well, i wouldnt mind if it didnt fade away anyways, im kinda digging the tan look.
  3. I have what can best be described as mild acne. Early December, I went to the dematologist and she prescribed that I take 2 pills of minocycline (1 in morning and 1 at night), use 10% benzoyl peroxide in the morning, and use 0.1% retin-a micro at night. I got through the first 2 weeks or so thinking that with all the dryness/flaking/burning, something had to be right. It got noticeably worse during that time, but started clearing up. I'm pretty sure I've broken even with before I started taking