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  1. Per usual, I AM BACK :smileys_n_people_24: Just had my second baby and I’m back to breaking out :smileys_n_people_30: Due to nursing I can’t use anything crazy (Tazarac, Accutane, etc) even though I wish I could do another round of Accutane. Anyhoo I’ve decided to start using the Acne.org regime AGAIN and I am going to try to stick to it. 

  2. Soooooooo I’ve seen a drastic difference from a few weeks ago and now and I’m loving it. Tomorrow I post photos of earlier this month til now. 

  3. Beyouuuu

    February 2020

    Feb 8th- 29th photos are in order from 29th-8th
  4. Beyouuuu

    January 2019

    From Jan 14th - Jan 31st 2019 photos are in order from 31st-14th
  5. HIIIIIII!!!! Its like EVERY year I come back around the same time because I am battle the same issue ACNE and I’m never consistent with a regime. I find one - skin clear up- I act stupid and stop- and it’s BACK. Welp this time I am going to stay consistent. I started Acne.org AGAIN, I’ve added BHA (salicylic acid) along with Spironolactone. Check my page for a quick run down of my trials and tribulations AS WELL AS PHOTOS! Follow me so you can receive up
  6. @jenni56 I totally understand how frustrating it can be especially when you think you’re making headway and suddenly you start breaking out again but ... I purchased a fresh aloe plant and I just slice a piece of the bottom off then cut that piece directly down the middle, I rub the gel all over my face and let it dry. Once it’s completely dry I was it off with warm water. I wrap the rest the bottom of the remaining aloe and store it in the fridge. I used the acne.org regime before I had
  7. I went through the same problem during and after I had my daughter. I had acne-prone skin to start with but I had cleared it up BOOM i got pregnant within a few weeks after I found out I was pregnant I begin breaking out like CRAZY !!!!!!! huge cystic pimples the whole nine yards. I was so embarrassed, my self-esteem was shot and I went my entire pregnancy with it. I went to my dermatologist and she told me she couldn’t help because I was pregnant but come back after I had my baby. I went back a
  8. UPDATE!!!!!!!! I’ve been using the above regime for a week and a day now MINUS the obagi foam cleanser. I had started using it then I stopped because I was noticing small whiteheads on my chin and cheek. So I’ve only been using warm water to wash my face. I’ve been doing the aloe mask for a week as of today !!! I’ve been consistent with the aloe and kind of inconsistent with everything else but I’m still seeing improvement. For my aloe mask I use a fresh aloe plant cut a piece from the bottom s
  9. UPDATE!!!!! Ive been using the regime for 8 days now and I can’t say I’ve been consistent as I’ve messed a day or two and a night but I’ve seen major improvement. CHECK OUT MY PHOTOS FROM A WEEK AGO!!!! They are on my profile! I will post photos of my results on day now. I don’t want to jinx it lol usually when I say I’m doing better within a few days my skin goes to crap but I must say I am happy. I still have a long way to go but we are getting somewhere! I have added in few new things star
  10. Skin Condition Currently ! 




  11. Quick Run Down: - used acne.org regime a few years back and it cleared me up - i got pregnant in 2016 I broke out again with severe acne - CURRENTLY trying to get back to clear skin. Feel free to check out my profile for pictures of then and now im using the products listed in the title. My dermatologist wants to put me back on Accutane which I am truly considering as I had great results back in 2013/14. I will be tracking my journey with these products and a Accutane if I decide to use
  12. Second week of down and I must say i see a difference but I must admit I haven't been strictly following my regime. I've been on vacation and I just haven't been doing what I'm suppose to do. This week forward I'm going to try to follow closely to my regime. I have notice I have 3 cystic like pimples hopefully the go away soon
  13. Short Story: used the regime in 2015 have blog entries from then on my profile. Had beautiful clear skin for majority of 2016 (I stopped using the acne.org regime) just washed my face with Panoxyl. I started breaking out September 2016 but I also found out I WAS PREGNANT (by that time I was 2 months) my cystic acne came back and I couldn't use much on my face because I was pregnant. BUMMER ! FAST FORWARD ! Ive had my daughter April 25 and TODAY is the first day using the Acne.org Regime aga
  14. Pictures for the full month are coming soon it's just I have so much to do and uploading and editing each photo is time consuming ..
  15. Pictures for the full month are coming soon it's just I have so much to do and uploading and editing each photo is time consuming ..