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  1. Have some faith

    I use this product to fade marks. I have tried this product multiple times and always stopped using it because it seemed to make me breakout but last time I stuck with it and I can honestly this is magic. A few months ago I'd be devastated if I broke out because I knew it would take a year for it to disappeart. Now that I am using this product the marks will fade 10x faster. I LOVE it!   To whoever is considering stopping, don't. You'll thank yourself how well it works after the purgin
  2. Recently been reading a lot good about calamine lotion. Im wondering where to get it from? What brand? Walgreens as shown on picture in reviews? Who makes the highest quality? What ingredients do I look for in one and what ingredients do I avoid? thanks
  3. Very mild. I would hardly notice in real life. Did you change anything in your diet or lifestyle recently?
  4. Don't do this ever! It is the most common mistake. I strongly advice you to not do it because it will only worsen the inflammation and cause the acne to spread. If you are ever going to pop a pimple I suggest doing it when the white is very visible or when it has almost fallen out and you can just "scrape" it off with your nail. Of course I will sanitize my hands before doing any of this.
  5. Hi, So I have been struggling with this rather moderate acne for some time now and I am fed up with it. Lets say I have an unlimited budget to extinct the current 2-3 pimples I have and fade those marks, is there a way to fade marks with an unlimited budget? THANKS
  6. Hey fellow acne sufferers, Just a thought that came across my mind if it would be possible to use only the moisturizer + AHA every day without the BP and still have the exfoliating resuluts? Did anyone ever try this? Thanks!
  7. I have been using BP as a part of my daily skin routine for the past 6 months. Last week I did a laser treatment so I stopped with BP a week prior to the treatment and it has now gone a week since the treatment. I am wondering how careful I need to be when applying BP and AHA? Prior to the treatment I always applied a generous amount morning and night so my skin has been very well adapted to BP.
  8. I just discovered this thread. It sucks that you don't seem to find a consistent solution for your skin. I have battled with acne for years and I have tried so many treatments including supplements, diets, working out/not working out but this is by far what helped me the most. Not only does this diet improve your skin but it also helps you lose weight if that is something you are struggling with. It seems like you, alike myself, have tried a lot of different treatments but here is something I
  9. Speaking from my own experience I wouldnt use lemon juice. It worked decent for me but eventually my skin got irritated from it. I would look into this product from acne.org: https://www.acne.org/acne.org-aha-glycolic-acid-10-reviews-650/ Good luck!
  10. I used sea salt water before. It would leave the face looking matt and I also felt like it helped drying out pimples and prevent them. It is very important that you use SEA SALT and not any table salt. Just mix it in a clean bottle and dab it on with some makeup pads. Can read more about it here: https://www.acne.org/sea-salt-reviews-489/
  11. I usually drink 2-3 cups a day, sometimes more, it all depends on how much time I am spending at home. I am drinking tea with caffeine. I have noticed no difference between caffeine free tea and tea with caffeine. Rooibos tea is a tea option that is naturally caffeine free and high in antioxidants!
  12. Hello fellow acne sufferers, Firstly I would like ot apologize in advance if you find the text a bit inconsequential. I just wanted to share some diet changes that I have made that have significally improved my skin condition. I hope that this can inspire and help other people. Background: I have been fighting acne back and forth over the last few years and I have tried almost every diet there is without any major improvements; vegan, no gluten, no dairy, no soy, no carbs, only meat and mo
  13. If youre looking to buy an aloe vera gel you can buy any with pure aloe vera. Look for a gel with as high percentage of aloe vera in it as possible.
  14. Have a look at this list: https://www.acne.org/comedogenic-list.html Good luck!
  15. No, sorry to confuse you but I am neither on epiduo or antibiotics. I am using BP and not epiduo, however what I am doing is that I am applying aloe vera gel on top of my moisturizer which works well as a on spot treatment. What I do is I apply my BP, 10 minutes later moisturizer and just after that I apply the aloe vera gel.