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  1. Hello everyone. I just quit using Benzoyl Peroxide and am still using Dans facial cleanser. So I woke up washed my face, let dry for a min, applied Cetaphil moisturizer and BAM! REDNESS! We are talking scary redness, like red all over where I applied. Is there anything I can apply to my face to down the redness, or help it? Vitamin E, Aloe, anything! Im just really scared Thanks.
  2. Hey everyone, just a question. Im on week 4 or so on DKR (hehe), and ive noticed that my skin is clear! Finally! All the old acne is going away, spots are going away, a pimple now and then, but nothing bad. The only problem is... RED SKIN! It must be something because my face is usually red from the BP or the moisturizer ( I use DKR BP, Cetaphil SPF15 for the day, and Cetaphil regular for the night). But my cheeks keep looking almost sunburnt, that red. And where I apply the BP its red too. Ev
  3. Hey everyone, I have been on the Regimen for about 3 or so weeks and it just got really cold here, as it is winter haha. But I have started to notice that my skin is shedding more than it used to when I would wash my face. Is this because of the dry weather, the BP now makes the bottom half of my face (the only place I apply BP to) flake up nastily. Any suggestions?
  4. Hello everyone , first I would like to say thank you for everyone who has helped me already, but I have another question! Im coming on to half way through week two, and I have had a little breakout, but it is expected, as my skin is getting used to the BP. But my problem area is the lower part of my face (under the mouth and the lip and lower sides). I was just wondering as I ramp up the bP, should I be using a full fingers amount on the bottom of my face? Or is that too much, because in Dan's
  5. Hey guys, Im back on the DKR (haha) and im going through all the first week stuff, but I was wondering if using a SPF15 moisturizer is better for you when using BP beacuse I read somewhere that Benzoyl peroxide takes the natural SPF out of our skin, which is one of the reasons that BP is accused of causing skin cancer? So I figure, restoring it with the spf moisturizer would work right? Lend me your ears and tell me your input
  6. Hey board, thanks for reading this. I purchased DK's regimen and was on it for about a month, GREAT results, skin was becoming beautiful and soft except for my forehead which was developing little white bumps, Ive heard that that is common though. But I was reading on the internet and noticed all these websites talking about how Benzoyl Peroxide causes skin cancer, and things like this. Is this true? I know I should be asking a doctor but after I read this I immediatly ran to the bathroom and wa