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  1. I am totally opposite. I've been eating extremely high protein and fat diet with low carbohydrate intake. My inflammation is reduced significantly. One day I ate a shit load of spaghetti and had a Cyst within 12 hours. I think high carbs cause inflammation.
  2. my redmarks show up darker after i moisturize also. my skin looks best after i wash all the oil off, and is slightly dry
  3. what kind of liver do you buy? and how do i cook it
  4. wash face 2 times a day with facial cleanser. and take Fish Oil, fish oil works good
  5. I'm not sure how antibiotics affect our health. They are generally prescribed for short term with topical medication. There are indeed natural sources to try, such as Fish Oil, Zinc, or B5.
  6. I'm on septra , it works the best. It work fast, you can see results in a month. bactrim and septra are the same thing. It took Minocycline 3 months to start working for me, and Doxy didn't work very well. On rare occasions diet can be the cause. People with cystic acne should stick to 1 regime only. I've used hundreds of products and realized that 2.5% bp is as good as any other bp. Doesn't matter. Choose a type of treatment and stick to it, like BP. if it doesn't work than go to a Derm.
  7. I dealt with cystic acne for several years. The best way is to take antibiotics. Don't bother with over the counter stuff, they will help and bring down spots, but if your acne keeps coming back, than it is internal problem. If you can't go to a derm, then try supplements. B5, Zinc, cut your carb intake. I don't know how much that helps but who knows, it might work. Go to your derm and get Bactrim/Septra . Minocyline 2nd choice. I wasted so much time with over the counter medication. Just
  8. i've trid mino and doxy and bactrim the bactrim works the best
  9. i've been thinking about switching to md forte. i've been to 2 different derms, and they both had md forte products advertising. either it's good or md forte has a lot of money?
  10. i keep thinking sugar has something to do with it, but i'm not sure, i've been gradually increasing my carb intake to see what happens
  11. I was on Retin-A micro for 6 months. There is little improvement. Although it made the skin smoother, it left red marks and hyper pigmentation. Now I am attempting Tazorac, I am hoping this will be better.
  12. 6-7 months for me. very little improvement.
  13. doxycycline works to some degree mino works a lot better
  14. how do u manage to stay below 40grams a day do you just eat meat and water everyday. my bagel has 40grams or carbs in it
  15. i suppose i could try a higher strength, i'll see my derm next month this is strange, i've been skipping days of using retin-a, and during those times is when i notice lots of peeling.