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  1. You really have a lot of fantastic ideas and points. I respect every point you made and agree with most. I'm in a rush right now and would love to type more but I have some work to do, I will be sure to give a better reply tomorrow. What you said has really moved me. Thanks for the video, I try to watch a Tedx video most nights before I go to bed so this is perfect. Thanks. I spend a lot of time thinking about things. Thank you. I find your ideas and viewpoints to be quite intriguing as well.
  2. Being an acne sufferer, I am quickly able to see past acne. The form of beauty that Plato speaks of, for me, is someone who is an intellectual and possesses more than simply the definition of beauty that we have been named, trained, framed, and blamed to believe is beautiful. What I am speaking about here are largely things unseen, no amount of visible beauty will ever be able soothe my heart. A presence can, however, do just that, if from the right soul. The virulent cancer of people living in
  3. Hey man, I'm here for you. I know how it feels, but perhaps try considering what that man's perception of you really means to you. Who cares what he thinks? You're destined for greatness. Start living in the true self, and let go of ego. https://www.ted.com/talks/cameron_russell_looks_aren_t_everything_believe_me_i_m_a_model?language=en
  4. Except that superficial elements can hardly be considered as betterment for those around us. It serves no purpose I have found, other than to fulfill our most basic sexual desires. However, the societal reality is that we are a culture that has been fostered on superficial elements that goes back even before America. I'll quote you, "I give it credit in allocating space in my brain for the wondrous...,". I spend my time thinking about things that actually matter. I sometimes wonder how most peop
  5. This was a post that was able to move me as I can relate to it. "The skill set I have acquired due to acne is incredible" The mental switch will come, it has made me a tougher person. Now my acne is going away, and the confidence seems to bubble out of me, something I never thought possible during my active acne days. It'll get better, continue applying that Benzoyl Peroxide!
  6. Curious to know, how long did you use the Acne.org regimen. How did you use it? Did you use a substantial amount of BP? I am very curious, as my acne looked very much like yours and I have been acne free for almost a year now. If you only have access to over-the-counter products, I would do research into the best Benzoyl Peroxide available, a good moisturizer, and a cleanser that has the ability to clear the face of oil well (Acne.org cleanser is great for this). The person above made a great
  7. I am curious. What method do you use to apply concealer, do you use a brush, your hand? (Don't know much about makeup) Try not to apply too much pressure on the face when applying it. My thoughts would be that excess pressure would cause irritation to the area you are applying makeup, therefore causing acne or new pimples. 2nd thought: Clean the brush or whatever instrument you use to apply makeup. Dirt follicles on the tip of a brush that you put on your face with a slight amount of pre
  8. So a quick search of doxycycline returns that this is a drug to fight infections. My view on this approach might be terribly too pragmatic, but I am inclined to believe that acne is not an infection or bacteria. Diet I feel has something huge to do with oil production, which is the main cause of pores getting plugged up and causing outbreaks. I am not surprised to hear that since you stopped using ProActiv, that you broke out. This is to be expected, as your skin has become accustomed to
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but using toothpaste would makes your face extremely dry which in turn would irritate your skin. Irritation = acne. From my experience, having extremely dry skin is begging for acne to appear. My suggestion: Stop using non-fluoride toothpaste. (Slew of other chemicals which might or might not have benefits or consequences to your face - lesson here is to be more proactive on what you put on your face) Begin using Benzoyl Peroxide in small amounts, once a night s
  10. I had the same experience with cethapil lotion. Broke out with 4 HUMONGOUS I mean huge, like the size of dimes on my face. I use Dan's Moisturizer and the only complaint I have with it is the way it soaks into the skin. I have to moisturize twice for it to soak in properly. This works wonders, but takes a bit more time. I have never experienced burning/itching from Dan's Moisturizer. But I would guess it is probably from not using enough and still feeling the effects of the BP drying or AHA u
  11. In my personal experience, I began using it every night in combination with the moisturizer to get rid of post-acne marks. I would use 1 pump of moisturizer and 1 pump of AHA+ (once I began using less BP, this amount lessened as my face was not as dry) just about every night. It turned out to be a great way to hurry up the process of getting those marks away. Be careful while in the sun. AHA+ can cause SERIOUS sunburn, learned that the hard way. If you know you are going to be in the sun the n
  12. That's totally normal. Your skin isn't red, so that is a good sign. Remember to take it slow on the BP. The first week I accidentally used 2 pumps and my face was flaking off, BAD (but it did reduce the huge pimples I had drastically). I have very sensitive skin as well, and would recommend only using it once at night. A simple formula for how acne works. Irritation = acne. If your face is that dry, I'd stop the BP for a day or 2. Then slowly begin using it again after the dryness subsides.