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  1. I wish they still made Count Chocula. I'd put that shit in with Boo Berries and Lucky Charms. Fuck I just want to eat marshmellow mis from a jar.
  2. In your honor (and for the sake of the freedom to declare Jackson a diddler of the children) I shall indeed rub my ass on our Dean's face!
  3. Oh, you really blew it now. Bigtime. You FRIENDLY CHUM. I'm literally rolling around on the floor, screaming my head off and batting at the ground with my fists and feet, shoving a fist down my throat till I turn red all over and start coughing up white foam before I turn kinda purple and black and pass out. It's messy stuff, definitely not for your virgin eyes. The truth is, I could be hypnotized to be conditioned to explode in rage at hearing a certain keyword. Uh huh. And sometimes, I
  4. Stop whinging dude. Just look 'em in the eye and reduce them to dust.
  5. This thread was pointless on thus basis: The Satisfying Allure of Vogue Why bother comforting mens' oh-so tender and fragile-as-a-friggin'-hymen emotional resolves, when it's obvious women put up with, and have consistently put up with, more human abuse (on all levels) throughout the ages than their educationally-challenged and fly-undone male counterparts. Men are not routinely inundated with emotionally crippling beauty issues thrown in their faces like the wet-end slap of used cond
  6. Eh no, I've never heard of such symptoms accompanying acne. I would have this checked by a reputable doctor just to be sure it ain't something life-threatening like say, small pox or the plague, even though there's low risk of you contacting these stupid diseases because we have vaccines nowadays which have demolished this gosh-darned human death caterpault. Seriously, good luck with your endeavors. Please do come back and let us know how you're faring.