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  1. Thats quick response! Thanks, I will have a look and maybe google the ingredients.
  2. Hi people, I went to superdrug the other day and brought some NYC bronzer. It says on the package that it is very well known make up in USA, and they are trying the market out over here in the UK. It really is cheap make up and I was wondering if there is a reason as to whether is it so cheap? Has anyone used it before? Thanks duckys
  3. LOL - What has being born in China got to do with it??
  4. Britney has joined the site - search for her name and she is there!
  5. Hi My advice is old fashioned - drink plenty of water, eat fruit and veg,prunes are very good and choose wheat products like wheatabix etc. Also I drink green tea and that gives me the runs! as it flushes your system out so try that. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for your replies people!! I hope you all see the benefits soon and if you are already then good on you!! Although I still believe that a little bit of what you fancy doesnt do you any harm (food wise!!)
  7. What works for one doesnt work for another - I would go doc's and seek advice. Sometimes it gets worse before better, and many people told me that. So I waited two months for mine to get better but it never did! So one day I woke up and my face was weeping, I went to docs and he said I had a severe infection that was causing the redness Doh stupid me I should of known!! What I am trying to say is listen to youself if it aint working stop it and try an alternative. You know the skin you are i
  8. Hi people, Well over the last 4 months my acne has been getting worse, along with severe redness which eventually turned infected! I was so shocked as I never had bad acne before. So after xmas I thought that I would eat abit more healthier, I brought a juicer in the sales (bargain it was too!) and started drinking carrot juice, apple and pear etc twice a day. Along with this I stopped drinking tea and coffee and swapped to Green Tea and WOW!!! It has only been a week and half and my old
  9. But he was talking about the ones who do post pictures who have mild acne that think their lives aren't worth anything. That's a very specific group of people. And people often do feel better when they know they aren't alone. Telling someone to calm down and gain a little perspective may not help, but actually calming down and gaining a little perspective does (unfortuatly the only way to do that is to find it within yourself). No one ever said it was easy, just that it needs to be done. If the
  10. manda22

    Cameron Diaz

    Most models I've know have had acne - I actually had a friend, bless her heart, with horrible marks and scars - but she photographed beautifully. Also, it's also about height, weight, frame.... etc. ^ I couldn't of said it better myself!
  11. Hi I know what you mean, sometimes life can be cruel. But you are a pretty lass. And like that lad in the vest said (although I dont usually trust men in vests lol) Life will only be worse if you think that it will be. Take care