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  1. •80mg claravis •started december 2015 •stopped june 2016 I LOVE ACCUTANE. If I could take it every single day for the rest of my life I would. I sucked at updating my blog but here I am 9 months later to tell you, don't give up! It was a long, hard, drrrryyyyyyyy 6ish six months but I'm so happy I stuck it out. I also have to give my coconut oil a big shout out. Used every night and my skin was so smooth, so clean, and I watched my scars disappear before my eyes! -scars and hyperpigmenta
  2. mrichards3111

    week 3

    Happy New Year! 1/1/16 I had this ready to post yesterday but just got a little busy. Here's the end of my 3rd week progress on 80mg per day Claravis! My face as a whole is doing great. I did have a few breakouts on the right side of my cheeks (what else is new -_-) but I'm pretty sure that's due to my menstrual cycle this week. My pores seem to be shrinking everywhere and when I feel my face, like massage deep into my skin, I feel less of those hard tiny bumps! It's a frea
  3. mrichards3111

    week 2

    12/25/15 MERRY CHRISTMAS! So I messed up. I skipped 3 DAYS of my medication! WHAT THE HECK. First I lost my pack, then I wasn't home, then I forgot... So instead of Tuesday updates, we now have Fridays... #life Anyway, we're back on track! So week 2! Not a ton of changes that I can see still. My nose, however, is extremely dry! Not inside, not around, seriously the whole outside of my nose is peeling... I feel like all the blackheads are trying to force their way out
  4. mrichards3111

    week 1 down

    Hello! Week 1 is over! So far so good... Day 3 I had 3 small breakouts which were all gone the next day. I haven't experienced any dry skin or chapped lips. The headaches on days 2, 3, 4, and 5 were INSANE but I got over them quick. I notice my vision is blurred and my eyes are dry for a few hours after each pill but it doesn't bother me and I had eyedrops on hand. Everyday I drink at least 1 gallon of water. In the morning I rinse my face with warm water and apply Cetaphil moisturizin
  5. mrichards3111

    day 1

    12/8/15 Day 1 of 80mg Claravis I took my first pill Tuesday night. I was nervous, scared, and beyond excited. I just can't wait to finally have clear skin! My skin's condition lately (5-6 months) has been ok... better than usual but still, I started Accutane so that tells you something! Most of my breakouts are cheeks, chin, and jawline. Normally I'm very dry especially around my mouth and chin, I was oily in high school. I have some deep pitted scars all over my cheeks
  6. Hello. I've had acne since about 5th grade. It started with black/whiteheads here and there, mostly around my nose. In 7th grade I started noticing actual pimples, annoying and embarrassing, but still very mild. Freshman through Junior year I actually started recognizing my acne as "acne". I would have 2-3 pimples on my face at all times, mostly cheeks, nose, and those stubborn in-between-the-eye pimples, 3rd eyes as I'd like to call them. During and after my senior year was pretty mild, m