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  1. hey! about a year ago, my skin became so horrible and this site was the only thing that gave me hope about getting my acne under control. anyway, it's been a long time since i've been here because i've seen a lot of improvement.. dan's regimen really gave me hope and made me so much happier that there were possible solutions to this madness.. so just wanted to share with y'all what worked for me (though i'm nowhere near perfection YET, aside from one or two occasional zits, and scarssss *grrr* .
  2. i use clean and clear oil free too. i've used so many different kinds.. biotherm is nice too but expensive.. clean and clear is very cheap and doesn't seem to aggravate my skin.
  3. hahahah okay i see. i meant how was i supposed to apply make up when the bp made it all blotchy, and i didn't want to go out with blotchy skin anyway, thanks for ur advice like u said, the city block tames the redness a bit.. and then i put some foundation on.. then a bit of bodyshop tea tree cover stick to even out the difference in colors.. and then a bit of loose powder.. and the redness was totally covered up..well, it wasn't as noticeable as before anyway. / btw. the redness is be
  4. HAHAHA.. what?? what makes you think i'm a guy!! yah, the city block DOES tame the redness a bit.. thanks sparty! and are you a guy??
  5. oops, mistake: i meant this thread seems to have died.. hehe.
  6. hey, this site seems.. kind of.. dead :-k hehe. anyone from hong kong here? but i'm korean. i live in hong kong, and i just started the regimen.. anyway, i think we should re-establish this hong kong connection- hahah /
  7. thanks! i was using pond's double white milky emulsion.. (oil free) it's supposed to help with skin repair.. and though it doesn't have a strong fragrance, u can still smell a faint fragrance.. i think. is this too irritating for me? btw, i read dan's page and he says that he experiences a low tolerance level of the "burning" sensation when he applies bP + moisturizer.. sthg like that.. how do i know if the burning i feel is normal or not?
  8. wow thanks so much sparty actually, though u were pretty close (geographically), i don't live in australia, i live in hong kong. i'm pretty religous about using sunblock because it's also supposed to protect ur skin from city pollution and the sun.. and it's also a pretty good make up base. i use clinique.. so i don't get it.. how are u supposed to go out with make up on then? won't ur skin be all blotchy and stuff? :-k
  9. hey i just started dan's regimen like 3 days ago, and my skin's pretty clear 'cept for the redness.. and i have this interview tomoro! what to do! do u guys know how i can effectively (and lightly) cover up the redness? i dont want to pile on tons and tons of foundation.. besides that.. when u apply make up do u wash off the bP + moisturizer from the morning? what i did was follow the regimen in the morning.. like at 8 30.. then around 12 30, i washed my face with cold water, put toner + m
  10. WHAT? 2~3 weeks? sigh* i started like 3 days ago.. and i've seen remarkable improvement.. 'cept my skin's kinda red.. and i was hoping it'd subside in a few days.. shit, i have an interview tomorrow too! ](*,)
  11. hi, i'm new to this board, and just recently started dan's regimen. i have no idea whether to be elated or shocked. it's been three days since i started, and i'm pretty clear already. but have very red skin. i guess it's not unnaturally red.. it looks like i went swimming with goggles and was sunburnt badly. the area around my eyes and nose are paler in comparison to other areas of my face.. i know i'm supposed to expect redness but just worried that i might have done sthg wrong.. it also stings