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  1. What have you used so far?
  2. Have you tried Salycilic Acid? It comes in various doses like 2.5%, 10% etc. Try using 2.5% and if it doesn't work increase the dose.
  3. Acne in my P.O.V is mostly genetic, meaning if your mom and dad had acne your probably gonna have it too. But the minority of acne which isn't caused by this is what gets my attention. The fact that an acne suffering teenager(with no relatives with acne) and a normal teenager can have the same diet, surrounding, hygiene etc. and yet one ends up with clear skin and the other with acne prone skin is something that must be researched. Of course the matter of the difference between their bodies aris
  4. have you tried popping one of it because I had a bump similar to this and when I popped it water came out and it dried up in a week. Hope this helps!
  5. No not bad at all! I think as compared to many of us your skin is in GREAT condition! Don't let a few pimples get the best of you. Its hardly visible. Put on a smile cause you got nothing to worry about;)!
  6. Ok I don't mean to sound mean or something but take a look around. There are people with much worse cases than you. Your pimple may go in like a week or two and you'll have picture perfect skin but its not like that for us. We have to suffer because of acne, we get teased everyday and its not for a week or 2, ITS LIKE THAT for YEARS until god-know-when our acne goes! We be driving around like crazy trying all acne treatments ever invented to fix our oatmeal like skin and you be there fussing ove
  7. Accutane is available in India? Oh and I think you mean body shop. Congrats on curing your acne! ps: that's like 14 bucks, ouch and it lasts only 3 months so too expensive for......well..ppl like me
  8. Not always liver issues but considering the fact that you didn't have any till now it may indicate something more serious. Have you started any new medications lately? I'd suggest a full body check up. Trust me, you DO NOT want to take a risk.
  9. Hey guys, I've recently been on azithromycin and started using clindamycin and nicotinamide gel on my face. It was okay at first but now I have super tiny pimples all over my cheeks. Anyone else out there who has had this?
  10. Acne is just hung up on my cheeks and is not letting go. I've tried everything I could but it just doesn't go away. The treatments I use it make it better, worse or doesn't change it all but it never completely goes. Am I gonna have to die with this ? From cradle to grave?
  11. Aloe vera, not even the gel, the actual thing applied to my face caused me to breakout. I'm losing hope people, nothing is working anymore
  12. I know right. Its like im born with acne and im gonna die with it. From the cradle to the grave. Like Voldemort on Quirinus Quirrel's head