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  1. Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I'll def try both! I'm glad I'm not alone though!
  2. I use Philips milk of magnesia. It really works. I also enjoy the Tarte primer.
  3. Hi there. So, I need help. I've got bad skin. It's finally stopped breaking out heavily - fingers crossed! But yet, it's still just bad skin. My pores are huge and my skin is oily. Having had severe acne for such a long time has truly ravaged my skin. Anyway, I like the idea of liquid foundation but, no matter what I do, no matter what way I apply it, it just never looks good! I can't explain it. It's like my skin sucks it all up or makes it "separate"... Does anyone else have this issue? I tri
  4. yea, I'm still shocked...but pleasantly surprised. Thank you!
  5. Hi....I've been on Acne.org for as long as i can remember. I have to say that you guys helped me through some tough times. i had real bad cystic and nodular acne which went away thanks to Tazorac. after that, i still needed to maintain/control my skin so it was back to BP and various face washes. Now a few months ago my acne came back, no cysts (thankfully) but basically waht some may classify as "adult acne". i became more and more desperate as my skin got more and more irritated and infla
  6. I have disgustingly oily skin...humidity and heat only make it look worse!! Now, i have tried the Mac Blot powder and its awesome at controling the oil! It really worked, but alas it made me break out in cysts however i am using monistat chafing gel as a primer and it works good so far...even helps with my huge pores...hasnt broken me out..yet
  7. Did anyone see it??..what are your thoughts? I thought it was pretty good!! It's about time they had a show about people who suffer from acne.
  8. So i tried the mac blot powder and its amazing!! like seriously..the only powder that controlled my excessive oiliness AND made my pores look so much smaller!! But alas..of course I think it made me break out in a few cysts im wondering if the blot powder was the cause? did this happen to anyone? Can someone suggest a powder like the mac one?
  9. I too have been using this Acne Free program for about 2-3 weeks and its fabulous...my skin is finally 95% clear!! and i have had severe acne that went down to moderate then mild, then back to moderately severe, it goes on and on. Point is even if u have real bad acne...this can help.... i also use the terminator on my chin area, worst acne, and i must say its incredible. For a 10% its pretty gentle.. Try it...
  10. I have been using that AcneFree kit you can buy in drugstores and i must say that it actually works..i mean its not a miracle regimen but im experienced enough in the fight against acne to know that there is NO miracle or quick fix...
  11. yes..certain dry is definitely a life saver in the summer! I use the roll on at night, and they also have a cool "refresher" deoderant for the mornings...it works good too! the only downside is that since ur pit's sweat glands are being "blocked" ur body will compensate by sweating more profusely in other areas...mine was my lower back--i NEVER sweat there and then i read a blurb about certain dri and other clinical deoderants and that was the claim. but hey id rather sweat on my lower back t
  12. agreed^^ the olay sensitive with spf 15 is amazing....no sting..no breakouts and good moisture..whats not to love? thanks again Jai!
  13. hey there! well a while back i wrote saying the same thing: my powder foundation (maybelline pure stay) fabulous as it is, makes me look years older!! so i bought some aubrey nicole samples..which i love! and i mix it with the olay moisturizer-which is so fab! and it works great...gives me decent coverage but i still look 26!! yaiiii!! thanx for the tip Jai.. :)