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  1. Hey Guys, I've been in touch with others about iodine. I've been doing iodine 50mgs daily for 2-3 months. IT immediately eradicates candida, but then if my diet is bonkers I get it back. It does remove the joint pain immediately speaking to a severe deficiency. Articles that I've read say 50mgs of lugol's iodine for 6 months to fully saturate thyroid. I havn't gotten there yet, but I am going to resume the regimen. I felt worst at 25mgs, then when I slowly increase to 50mg, I did very muc
  2. Thanks, Kynarr for understanding just how valuable iodine is!!! you just have to research and experiment. Iodine has allowed me to survive thus far. MY thyroid tests show up "normal", but my god my thyroid is NOT normal. You will notice overractive thyroid symptoms RIGHT away after taking too much. . Just back off, and you'll be fine. I'm sick of others throwing iodine under the bus from sheer lack of understanding. I was scared too when I first started, but you get good at dosing over time
  3. I LOVED Pilocarpine when I took it. Got it for dry mouth from my dentist, and let me tell. It's nice to produce saliva and have a libido back! Never thought of the eye drops! If you have intracranial pressure try daily head massages. I do one massage every day sitting in the shower. I've actually grown accustomed to liking it. It seems to release hormones from the scalp. I know this sounds strange, but my skin is smoother and more palpable after I do it. I also notice less pain overall a
  4. Do not have a reference other than I googled it and found the article to be much in line with many things I am already doing and have worked, so I found it to be helpful supplementary-speaking. I've found iodine and CBD virtually eliminate my joint pain when I am on it....will last for a few days after it not being in system. I just recently found out I havn't been taking enough CBD oil. Bumped up to 20 drops BID for 2,000mg through my cannabis consultant, and voila! Mobile, energetic, and
  5. Helpful to understand Liver detox pathways. It may be that we need to focus on one more than the other..please read. goes into extreme detail. http://balancedconcepts.net/liver_phases_detox_paths.pdf
  6. You aren't the first person who has mentioned that to me!! YES!! It has to be parasitic at this point. I am always fighting some type of infection. If I stop taking antiseptics, natural or prescribed it comes right back. I looked into zapping briefly but it seems SO darn complicated. Is it doable without a lot of time?/Practical in the sense of being a working professional doing 10 hour days? I really think you hit the nail on the head! I'm nervous that my liver, gallballder and kidneys are
  7. I realized this ENTIRE time I haven't' been taking enough iodine. As soon as I bumped up my dosage to 25MG (LUGOL's is the best in my opinion), I experienced no joint pain, ZILCH. Been at it for one month. I found this PDF to be very informative and helpful. http://jeffreydachmd.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/The-Guide-to-Supplementing-with-Iodine-Stephanie-Burst-ND.pdf Also, since I started methylation protocol, I don't get hangovers. Dehydrated yes, but I used to get MASSIVE hangovers wher
  8. I have a dry face as well, and dry body, etc. I don't get the flushing that everyone talks about though which is weird. I get the opposite, lack of blood flow to the face. I literally have to hang upside down to get blood into my head, face, and scalp. Worst circulation goes to ME! It's been much better with exercise and CBD oil
  9. Positive for SIBO, not just candida. REally going HAM on this with enteric coated peppermint oil, SF722 formula, bone broth, glutamine, etc. I'm already more hydrated on a daily basis. CBN night oil is putting me to sleep, and CBD is helping saturate my tissues and joints. FEeling better little by little. Very slow progress, but noticeable. Been doing methylation now for almost 8-9 months. It helps with mental clarity and joint pain. I'm doing other things as well but am just too lazy to de
  10. I just want to share that I've been taking LDN for 2 years and it hasn't cured anything for me. It just helps with some nighttime inflammation and mood some. Cannabis oil on the other hand, well that's starting to look promising. Will keep you guys updated.
  11. Hi everybody! I wanted to provide an update. I am working with a local cannabis consultant, who researches the stuff extensively and also makes cannabis oil tinctures. I have been taking CBD oil internally for months now, and it has ameliorated joint pain and anxiety, I also put a few drops in a base oil like olive, jojoba, cococnut oil, etc. and then rub it all over my body after heating it up, including my scalp where things are absorbed very readily. The idea behind this is that the skin
  12. Coffee enemas for the win. I am hydrated, absorbing nutrients, and passing long nasty strings of candida. I feel super clear, joint pain free, and clear-headed. OH and before sending a message stating it's super dangerous, do your research about how it is utilized in the body and how it detoxifies the liver. Oh yah, also experience helps too. Keeping this one on the very helpful list.
  13. I'd like to just politely advocate for some females who will likely not speaking up about this rather obnoxious side effect. But I'm sick of being invalidated for my symptoms not being SEVERE enough by SOME people from a limited more sexist perspective. Many women have suffered SEVERE dryness, loss of vaginal tone, and absolute lack of libido, including myself (I'm 28). THANKFULLY due to hard work detoxing, liver flushing, dietary changes, exercise,herbalists, naturopaths, massage, chiropracto
  14. Hi TrueJustice, I don't adhere to the colon hydrotherapy before and after, other than making sure I'm moving my bowels/magnesium/oxypowder, etc. before the flush and then after the flush. I will at times do a water enema to ensure it is clear. I cannot afford colon hydrotherapy. I don't believe this is best practice, but it has worked for me. Also, I had candida prior to doing the liver flushes, so it's not causing that thankfully. I've just tried to take a more holistic approach and do