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  1. pyro123, I don't know the %, I purchase my glycolic from Home Shopping Network (HSN). The company that makes it is Serious Skin Care. I have been using it for awhile, I just started to use it alone with my other skin products. I have found it to be a very good cleanser. Keison - I want you to know, that when I read your post I had big smiles on my face . Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and I pray for you, your family and your prayer parnter too. May the Lord continue to show yo
  2. I can only recommend my herbal mosterizure since I use a glycolic cleanser. It's made by Nature's Gate they have alot of nice mosterizure's, not oily and easily goes into the skin without rubbing.
  3. sullivancrap, I want to appologize from straying off your question. 8-[ The whitehead I have now has been on my face for 2 days, so I'm counting. I would love to pop it for it's ready, but I refuse to have one more dark spot on my face, so I'm waiting it out. It might pop on it's own tonight when I do my regemin. I will see and if it does 3 days is correct, at least for me. /
  4. Laughter is good medicine for the soul, we need to laugh more!! It's also good for your health, have you ever seen a little child laugh they face turn red, the little bodies get totally invovled and there skin is clear!! Things that make you go hhhmmmmm.
  5. I'm glad that you found a regimen that great for you and your body has excepted all these products without rejections. Unfortunately there are people who even after following the ProActive system to the "T" and still didn't not get the results you are suggesting. Don't be shocked or amazed, it just a fact that we all were made different and not everyone react to everything that one person would say "WORKS" for them. I'm a naturalist, a new name I gave myself, and don't see the benefit
  6. That's a good suggestion, but when you are out in public do you yell or just mumble under your breath? I have a "HANDS OFF" alarm too, I smack both of my hands and say NO!! I laugh at myself for I sound like a mother disciplining her child.
  7. I have good days and some not so good days with my skin. As I take one day at a time, today my skin looks great. Have a wonderful day and blessed weekend. 8)
  8. I can relate totally, in the morning I look at my face and my spots look light and my skin is radiant. Then when the day progress and I look in the mirror my spots look darker, I call it "my skin wakening up for the day", when it's sleep it looks so calm, but then....good morning!! You are beautiful, you need to tell yourself this everday, for it's how you perseve yourself is how other look at you. ______________________________________ ~We think therefore we are!!~
  9. It's been awhile since I made a journal entry, everything is going fine. Everyday I look at my skin it looks better, especially after I have cleansed it. I have tried something new, I haven't change anything in my regimen, I have notice that when I take showers I steam up my bathroom and my pores are open, so instead of waiting until the steam go away, I use it to my favor. I put on my ga when I first get out of the shower and let it sit on my face as I put lotion on my body and brush my teet
  10. I agree, make sure it say "NON-ACOHOLIC", I have one that is great and I find after I have washed my face I still remove more dirt. It amaze me how I can wash my face and still have dirt come off on the cotton ball, but I'm glad I removed all that I can to make sure my pores are clean. /
  11. I am reverse, I'm more concerned about my dark spots than new pimples. I guess because I knew they will go away in time, I just don't touch my face and continue doing my personalized regimen. I know the dark spots will fade too, I just have to be more patient when it comes to those. =D>
  12. If you want your skin to be clear, you have to tell yourself that you are defeating the purpose by picking your face. #-o Just think if your skin was clear would you pick it, NO why, because there's nothing to pick. Your hands are preventing you from getting what you want, what I would do is smack the back of my hands even when I get an urge to put them on my face. [-X If this is too wierd for you I understand, but just think how clearer you will be if you weren't your worst enem
  13. To God Be All the Glory!! My skin has shown much improvement since I have been doing my regimen and I have been getting compliments regarding my skin. I'm not 100% clear of my dark spots, but they are fading, and my breakouts are far and inbetween, in other words, they are rare. When I do breakout I don't mess with them and they go away quicker!! Just when you think nothing is happening, you look and your skin has changed dramatically. I've only been doing this regimen for less than a
  14. Owl - please let me know if you find anything cheaper, I like to save as much money as possible. I have been using this brand because I liked the way it felt on my skin and I can have it shipped to me. Thanks, 8)
  15. I know it's a little expensive, but it's a great product and it last for upto 3 months or so, it depends on how much you use. The bottle is 4oz $19.50 -item#660956 SSC Glycolic Cleanser with tax/S&H - total price $25.67. But I use their 12oz for $36.50 They are located in Florida, so if you are a distance it will take a while to get to you, it takes them three weeks to ship to me, due to the fact that I pay with a check instead of ordering online. I go through HSN to make my purchase.