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  1. So one week in, haven't missed a day of application yet. I have noticed my skin is now easily irritated - even removing make up with cotton and water is causing a little bit of sensitivity and while I wouldn't call it painful, it does feel sore. My skin is feeling a bit dry as well. I am still having spots come to a head, and some have grown quite large, but once they pop they go down quickly. I think the spots are looking quite red and a very inflamed at the
  2. I have been on this a few days now. My routine goes like this Morning Wash face with cetaphil cleanser Apply cetaphil moisture and spf 50 sunscreen Put on make up Evening Remove all make-up with water and cotton wool (sometimes have to use eye make-up remover but the rest does come off with just water) Cleanse with cetaphil again Wait 20 minutes for skin to dry completely (also have to wait for some spots to stop bleeding so the wait is
  3. Hi there I have been lurking on the boards a lot looking for advice, reading up on treatments, but haven't posted until now. I am a 24 year old female and I have been suffering with acne since I was 14 - so about 10 years. I have tried lots of over the counter medications and solutions, but haven't found anything that worked for me. Once when I was a teenager I went to my GP about my acne, and he prescribed a gel (I can't remember the name) unfortunately at t