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  1. PLEASE does anyone have a fairly quick cure for the flaking? Alternate moisturizer or added products? I know my skin is just getting used to the BP, but the moisturizer is clearly not doing enough. Yes I use it two times a day at two full pumps. I almost feel like I'd rather have the acne because at least I can cover it up with makeup, but flaking is really impossible to hide. I don't like talking to people and knowing that they're staring at my flakes; sure the same goes for acne, but it f
  2. Thank you! Good idea and simple, don't know why I hadn't thought of it, hopefully it all still looks the same so I can eliminate that step. This is going to sound very obvious and it's even in Dan's instructions but I'm taking it that touching your face really is as bad as they say, huh? Thank you for your reply! So do you think that the makeup is slowing your results then? I mean it makes total sense, but I just tried to do a search to find similar posts about it and I really didn't fin
  3. Hello! I'm on my first week of the Acne.org Regimen and I had a couple questions: 1. Can I still wear foundation? I use Tarte Amazonian Clay and it's all natural, but I don't feel comfortable not wearing makeup just yet (though that is the goal!). 2. When they tell you to use "2 full pumps" of cleanser and/or moisturizer, do they really mean that? I know it says to follow the directions carefully, but I got the Big Kit and I didn't know if the size made the pumps bigger. It just seems
  4. @LLL3 oh gosh! I'm so sorry to hear that! That worries me...do you have a history of hair loss in your family? @Peachy thank you for your input! I'm still a little nervous because according to the other poster, it *does* happen. I wish there was a way to know if I'm prone to hair loss on Accutane before I begin taking it. My skin is SOOO bad and I'm 22 so I just would love to not care about it anymore ahah thanks for the well wishes!
  5. I have Acne Conglobata (didn't know that was a thing until I was diagnosed by my new dermatologist) and I'll be starting my first (and hopefully only????) round of Accutane soon. I know about many of the side effects, but there's one I just heard of today that has me worried: hair loss. I'm starting to think that this might not be worth it if I have to suffer permanent hair loss. I know that's shallow, but I'm afraid of it. I trust my dermatologist but I also think that sometimes they just p