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  1. Don't worry, I know exactly how you feel! I've nearly finished my third month on Yasmin and am breaking out way more than usual - and like you the first month was better and from then on things have gone downhill. However, I'm still only really breaking out in my problem areas - my cheeks have stayed clear, which makes me feel like my skin might just be adjusting to the hormone change ? I've read many birth control reviews and quite a few people have said that it wasn't until the fourth month th
  2. Have a week until I start month four of Yasmin and am still breaking out ): My skin is maybe slightly less oily, however I haven't seen much change in it. Month one my skin felt really smooth (am also taking Tetralysal and started that a month before Yasmin, so may have been due to that kicking in?), month two I had a lot of small skin coloured bumps on my forehead which I never usually get, and month 3 I've started to get quite a few whiteheads. However, my cheeks which are always clear have s
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    About to start my break week of Month 3 (so 7 days until month 4), and my skin is still not clear. The first month my skin was really smooth (am also taking Tetralysal and started that a month before Yasmin), month two my skin became extremely bumpy with skin coloured bumps, and now my skin is a little less bumpy but I'm starting to get quite a few whiteheads and getting a lot more spots than in the first month and my skin is still quite oily. Fingers crossed things improve in month 4.... Anyone
  4. Thankyou for the help! Although am pretty sure that it's not any leave-in products as I don't use anything except shampoo/conditioner for my hair for that reason My forehead is where I'm prone to spots anyway, and I only use baby shampoo to try and avid any harsh chemicals that could cause irritation. Therefore I'm pretty sure it's an initial breakout or just a bad reaction to Yasmin? My skin got pretty clear in the first month of Yasmin, it's just from that point on that it's gone downhill a
  5. Just finished my second pack of Yasmin and am in the break week, however my forehead has suddenly become really rough feeling and I've noticed small bumps all over it (although only visible in certain lighting) Some of them have turned into whiteheads, others have been there for a few weeks now and don't seem to be disappearing... wondered if anyone else has experienced this and if it's just an initial breakout and will subside? The fact that the bumps seem more like clogged pores than actua
  6. Month one of Yasmin my skin got pretty clear (but that may have been due to the tetralysal which I've been taking for 3 months now) However, now I'm nearing the end of the second pack and have been breaking out since about the second week of pack two.... Is this normal? If so how long does the initial breakout usually take to end?
  7. I'm currently on Tetralysal and I'm just starting my 4th month - for the first few months I wasn't really seeing results, but at about month 3 my skin started to look a lot better! I'm not sure exactly what will happen if you decide to go off of it, because it will vary from person to person..but for me I'd rather stay on it as it's a last resort for sorting out my skin and no cleansers etc have worked for me :/ I would definitely search 'Katie Olivia' on YouTube as she was on Tetralysal and he
  8. So, I started taking Tetralysal at the beginning of January and I would say that it took around 2-3 months to see any improvement at all - so please don't get dishearted like I did initially any others on this antibiotic! Now It's April so I'm just starting my 4th month of treatment. Initially, I was taking Tetralysal in conjunction with using BP, as my doctor wanted to try and tackle my acne inside and out. I gave the BP around a month to work, but I felt like it was only making my skin worse
  9. Thanks everyone, it's been just over three months now and my skin has improved greatly (: Still have a lot of marks left behind and the occasional spot, but overall much better than before. I also started to take Yasmin which I'm just finishing month 2 of, so I think that may be the reason why I'm breaking out a little more than before....fingers crossed though that within a month or so the IB will be over!
  10. I'm coming up to my fifth week on Tetralysal and have noticed little to no improvement so far ): I wondered if anyone else had any experience with this antibiotic - did it work, and if so how long did it take to see results?