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  1. Hey guys I've been on this site for years but today I'm not looking for a new cure but to share what finally worked for me. I struggled with moderate/severe cystic acne for 3 years. I'm 28 f. To save me typing ten paragraphs on what all I tried I'll just say this.....you name it, I tryed it. Literally not exaggerating. So about 7 months ago I went on sprintec. A couple months ago I noticed less cysts. During this period of time I noticed the location of my break outs where changing. It was weird
  2. Yes it's when I wasn't washing my face. I struggled with cystic acne for a few years. Did a million things to fix it, all which can be found on the Internet and even a doctor. On the 6th month of my birth control sprintec I started seeing less cysts then they really disappeared after I quit washing my face. Now I'm back to the old me finally.
  3. Yall I've dealt with hormonal cystic acne for 2 years, I'm 28. I had a nervous breakdown when my mother died then i went thru a divorce, needless to say my system was shot. First thing I did was order proactive and from then on it was trying a new system every couple months...not including Spiro, birth control, antibiotics. I will say that birth control, sprintec, did make it more manageable but still pretty persistent flare ups. Even starved myself for a while eating fruit, whole grain and vegg
  4. While you where on vitex is there any possibility u where also eating cleaner at that time? I think the problem is either hormonal or food sensitivity maybe both...I would deff go see about getting my hormones checked...my obgyn had a lot of good advice bc I couldn't find a specialist to do a salivia hormone check...they see a lot of hormone issues and could prolly help a lot if u can't find specialist like me...as far as vitamins I would do vitamin a, probiotic (20 billion strands approximately
  5. I'm no doctor but your skin is prolly clearing bc your getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals from food. If u have hormonal acne then omega 3's are essential to a healthy balance. Have u looked into foods to eat to help the balance? I would recommend that. Also milk thistle is good to support your liver while it's flushing out the bad hormones.
  6. I did this and saw no changes but I didn't use straight borage seed pills...it was omega 3 with fish/flax/borage, so anyone whose going to try it should probably not do like me but instead get the real borage seed oil.
  7. Cloudy dreamer, I'm wondering if I got the right hormone test done or not. I told my obgyn that I wanted a saliva hormone test done to check my estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels but she ended up doing blood work and told me all my levels are fine....I still don't think she did the right test. Do u know if my levels could be checked properly through the procedure she did?
  8. Tri cyclen is bad. It gives u 3 different waves of hormones. Get on one that gives u the same amount each day like sprintec or yasmine. Tri cyclen made mine worse but I'm seeing great results I just started month 4 on sprintec.
  9. I use to have the same kind and even I would get some on my forehead. I automatically thought it was hormonal bc most where on my jaw but until I started getting serious about my gut health nothing really worked. I started drinking water only and for couple weeks was on a very strict paleo diet. No dairy, no gluten, no sugar. Also got on a 25 billion strand probiotic 3x a day and I'm cyst free. Best quick remedy for me is sulfur ointment. It dries it up quick.
  10. Yes if it's more a food allergy problem but if it's digestive/hormonal then u don't want food that's packed in hormones like dairy. Our bodies react differently, sometimes the break out process can b up to a week so lots of times it's hard pinpointing it so I would just start with basics for a month cutting it all and just eat whole foods with no sugar at all. Even grains till u get results then add back your favs. Get on a high powered probiotic to really help get the digestive track in line. I
  11. I've been on paleo for a few months my skin is looking pretty freaking great but I cheated yesterday and today and I've eaten like 4 or 5 cupcakes. So now I'm just sitting around watching the mirror praying that I've healed my gut to the point it could handle this little cheat....does anyone know how long it takes to heal the gut so u can cheat some like I did?
  12. Stop using chemicals period. I know it's hard but focus more on healing the internal problem bc acNE is a result of what's going on internally. Seriously think about cutting out processed meats, all dairy and sugar and get on a high powered probiotic. Wash your face nightly with warm water, rinse with cold and moisturize with a natural oil that is higher in linolic acid. I'm using evening primrose and my skin is in love.
  13. Just going to share what's finally working for me. I've been on this journey for a few years and some times I would think I got rid of it but it always crept back up somehow. After a long time and lots of prayers I'm finally clear. I have hyperpigmentation but I don't care too much bc I'm just happy my cystic acne is gone and my face is smooth, it's truly a miracle. I had these cysts that would come up anywhere ranging from my forehead to my jawline, the painful kind that last weeks. The kind u
  14. Yes but stick with it a while b4 u change your mind. Try no dairy and no sugar either.
  15. Dairy, non whole grains, gluten, processed meat, vegetable oil and sugar affect me in a bad way. I have been dealing w cystic acne for 2 years and I've gone the healthy way and clear up but for whatever reason I renig on my diet and I start from scratch again. Diet is a huge factor and I'm getting clear and sticking to my guns this time. Im a firm believer it's all about gut health. I would advise anyone who was struggling to also invest in a good probiotic about 50 billion strands a day