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  1. What is your diet at the moment, if you don't mind me asking, I have had great results through changing my diet, which I have noticed within two days. Sometimes the foods you think are good for you, (e.g cereal, white pasta and white rice or white potatoes) may actually be aggravating your skin. So, what exactly does your diet consist of? I have posted it on here many times and no one has had problems with it. Off the top of my head: Almonds Salmon Chicken Venison Turkey Collard
  2. my skin was fine 3 days ago, but during the recent 2 days, i was eating chocolate, and guess what BREAK OUT. sugar breaks me out as well.
  3. Alcohol clears me right up for some reason, there are times when I drink alcohol(just beer) just for this reason when I'm breaking out then my skin calms down and clears up.
  4. I've tried baking soda as well and it made me break out too in little pimples/whitheads, I think I'm going to try the fine sea salt idea.
  5. i love it! lol especially after you've been eating a clean diet, it just feels so great going number 2!
  6. i totally agree with this. i'm also going to cut out all the fruits, i think that's what has been slowing down my prossess.
  7. You could be allergic to anything, even if it's considered healthy. I'm allergic to pork, go figure. You're better off taking an allergy test, because the healthiest foods can be bad for YOU specifically. AND it takes time too, it's not going to happen over night, give it 3 months.
  8. It IS found in legumes. And didn't you know that there are facts now showing that soy is not good for us after all.
  9. I know that Casein in found in Milk products. But I'm not sure exactly in what kind of lugumes it's found in?
  10. all it did was *reduce* not get rid of my premenstrual break outs
  11. props to you, you made the wisest decision This is not an ad, if you want an ad turn on your TV at midnight and watch infomercials for proactive. I did try gluten free for 1 month. That's enough to see if I'm intolerant, and guess what, Im not. So Im back eating bread and love it. Just because some people are gluten intolerant, doesn't mean ALL are. Got it? Did you know that a lot of foods contain gluten? Even the ones that you think least likely do... most packaged foods, salad dr