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  1. I went on accutane because I got one to two new pimples every single day. I had been on 4 different prescription topical medications and my doctor said I had mild/moderate acne, but it was persistent and nothing works for it. Accutane is my last thing to try. In have been dairy free for two years and that hasn't worked either.
  2. I feel like I have tried every type of oil free, non comedgenic moisturizer available and it seems like they all give me pimples. I am 52 and I have always had mild acne. I have never been able to wear any kind of moisturizer as it seems that as soon as I do, I break out. I only use oil free, non comedgenic types, but I am positive they still break me out. The last few years my acne has gotten worse, and I am now on accutane (after different topical treatments were unsuccessful). I am on day 1