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  1. I got some glycolic acid last week and am using it but the spots are stubborn and isnt really improving have attached a few images if also one has any suggestions (Love handles are a separate issue)
  2. I am thinking of going back to a dertmatologist or regular doctor soon to set some treatment I was at one before last year and she Prescribed me a an antibiotic to take for 3 months. However I do not want to do such a thing, my acne/spots are mild and I dont want to take antibiotics for so long. Is there any Prescription creams I can use instead or oral treatments that are milder than antibiotics. I mostly have an issue on my neck, around nose (cystic) and back Than
  3. In my teen years I had acne on my chest this went in my early 20's. My main issue with acne/spots since has mainly been my nose and lip area (rosacea) and my neck However at the start of the lock down here I got an out break on my back. I occasionally had a couple of spots here and there on my back but nothing serious but this is my first out break. I have tried treating it best I could for the last three months but isnt working well. I thought it was healing but now seems to be bett
  4. OK I did check and do have a whitish tongue so am going to get a cream for it. The main brand name here is Canesten (Its 1% Clotrimazole) and they do different creams for parts of the body thrush as I mentioned before and athletes foot
  5. Just fyi this is a photo of the effected area The can be bigger
  6. I will get some today looking online the main cream available seems to be for Thrush is this safe to use on my face
  7. I use 5% cream. When I started using it I rubbed it all over my face and neck but it did cause a rash on my neck. Now I use it every day on my forehead where I did get a lot of spots but BP has no side affects and to spot treat
  8. I was in the chemist recently asking if they had Salicylic Acid products He showed me a product for treating warts that has 60% Salicylic Acid, considering most acne products have it at 2.5% that seems high. Has anyone used such products to treat acne and is it safe
  9. I have gotten a couple more spots around the nose now but not as big. I have or do suffer from Dandruff but have got it under control using Sellsun shampoo for the last 10 years I have no issue using fungal cream if it works and will check it out if it works great. Should I spot treat with it or rub it in fully
  10. i dont think its Fungal at least not reading the descriptions of it. I do suffer from rosacea which I keep meaning to get treated but hasnt been too bad lately Its one large spot around my nose I keep treating it with Ice and while it has gone down its still quite red I am going on holidays tomorrow and was hoping it would be down but alas not When I get back I am going to book a meeting with someone and start treatment
  11. Hi I suffer from adult acne. Over the last few years things have gotten better. I use a tea tree face scrub to wash myself and benzoyl peroxide 5% (Ancecide) to spot treat and use on more troubled areas. I used to use a cleanser with salicylic acid but will admit did stop with this which may not be a good thing. In the last few months I have gotten worse again and am getting cyst acne around my nose. I threat it with ice and benzoyl peroxide but want to ad salicylic acid to my
  12. well if the aim of the game was to dry out my skin that has worked I keep thinking its making a difference but then - nothing As I said the spots arent raised which lets me to think I may need to ad some retinol product to reduce redness in the spots I also may ad wither aspirin or zinic to my diet and see if that helps
  13. Hey I was thinking about diet alright In order to lose weight I went on a diet about 18 Months ago and started exercising more I had had a few serious breakouts before this I lost about 20KG of which I have put on about 5kg again since I am trying to cut down on bread and dairy products and increase water intake Other than that my diet it healthy fruit veg and lean meat I have started a new skin regiment using a basic drug store toner with salicylic acid and a 5% benzoyl peroxide cr
  14. I am a 34 year old male As a teenager I had problems wit acne on my chest While I did also suffer from Rosacea I didn't get many spots on my face. The chest acne cleared up in my early and mid 20's In the years afterward I had far from perfect skin but breakouts were mild and I was able to treat redness with sudocream However in the last two years I have had major out breaks including cyst spots and my skin in worse than its ever been The majority of the spots are on my forehead and ne
  15. thanks is the sunscreen element important Sunscreen isnt really needed in December in Northern Europe