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  1. I hope it's the case. But it's really tough to wait. Thanks though. wish you a flawless skin
  2. Whitening cream. I was fool enough to use it as a night cream but later I came to know it got steroids and so I stopped using it. Since then trying to get rid of it. My acne is not cystic. I have small pimples all over face. no luck with accutane so far. feeling so depressed :-(
  3. Wow! . Great. I'm in 5th week, 20mg orantane (accutane). Still no progress. :-( My acne is from steroid cream
  4. Hey guys! I'm new here and I really appreciate how you all support each other. I hope to get same support here. I'm going through hell . I used steroids (whitening creams) for 2.5 years and when I stopped my face turned red, dry and got small pimples all over my face.  Long story short,  I tried everything but pimples are still there.  I'm on accutane 20mg since last 30 days and it's getting worse since then. My questions are:

    1: Is accutane for steroid induced acne?

    2: Is steroid acne permanent? 

    Help pls :-(