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  1. While your acne isn't all that bad. . . your emo hairstyle is
  2. You may want to try neosporin. . . the kind with like a topical analgesic, might make the pain suck a little less and will for sure help with the infection if there is one. . . also. . are you on any Antibiotics? If you want em quick rather than waiting for a derm appointment just go to the nearest walk-in clinic and say you've got a cold. . . or just show them than you've got an infection.
  3. Have you actually been diagnosed with Rosacea? Because my face turns red when I lift also. . . but it could have to do with your breathing. . . and whenever you're put under alot of strain some people's skin turns red in their face because there are alot of blood vessels there. . . You MAY want to look into that. . . and besides, it happens alot in the gym so don't be embarassed, it's not a big deal and it shouldn't make you want to lift less. . .
  4. I'm pretty sure it's different for people, I know when I get high I touch my face alot and stuff, but i'm pretty much clear since being on doxy. . . and I still smoke. . . In fact I smoked a ridiculous amount of pot AND drank on new years eve. . . and no new zits. . . then again, I think that while i'm on the antibiotics, or at least until they stop working. . . I won't really be seeing too many zits regardless. . . so as long as you think and don't give into the munchies and try and not play wi
  5. Sooo, I'm new on the forums. . . and I can't really say my acne is that bad (I still get 1-2 spots around my jawbone every week, but they heal after a few days). . But i've been having a problem lately with my skin looking red, it doesn't hurt or itch or anything, but after I get out of the shower or I wash it it's red, in another topic I saw someone was talking about a whiteish? layer that was probably dead skin whenever their skin came in contact with water. . I get this too. I'm on do