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  1. This is a very disgusting video, it shows how the Aesthera Photoneumatic acne clearing system works (also known as PPx). I have given a fair warning, the video is really gross because the skin is magnified. This treatment is said to be really effective.... but has anyone actually had this treatment? It basically vacuums the pores and treats them with IPL therapy. http://www.aesthera.com/go/aestheraUS/pore...video/index.cfm
  2. Thanks you guys, for all of your input. I think I'll save my money.
  3. Hmmmmm... sounds like a lot of us have eerily similar situations. I am currently nursing child #2. My skin was the best it has ever been during the last half of my pregnancy. I started to breakout like mad 4 months postpartum, and also started my period at this time even though I was breastfeeding. My girl is now 13 months old, and I'm still battling breakouts, the PMS ones being the absolute worst. I started a low dose BC pill 3 months ago, but it hasn't kicked in yet (other than making me
  4. You have given me some things to think about, thanks for that. My visit to the clinic was initially for a large, hyperpigmented scar on my arm, which I was interested in having lasered to reduce redness. They recommended NLite for it. While I was waiting I asked the Dr.'s consultant about what they can do for acne redmarks, so I guess I opened up a whole can of worms! So, they do use the NLite for hyperpigmentation, if that's what they were planning on using on my arm. Maybe I'll have the a
  5. Recent studies have shown that drinking 2 cups of spearmint tea a day helps lower androgen hormones - you can research in online, there's lots of articles. I had good results drinking the spearmint tea. Now that it is hotter outside, I often forget or just dont' want to though!
  6. Hi everyone, I need your advise, those of you who have had NLite or PPx (Pore-Cleansing acne treatments). I visited a laser clinic this morning, and they looked at my problem area (jawline) where I get hormonal acne (some cystic, mostly pustules) and I have about 60 redmarks from old acne. They recommended a treatment package of 6 visits, where they would do the NLite-V laser and the Painless PPx Pore cleansing acne treatment, for a total of $1,750 USD. It would apparently clear me up and cl
  7. I'm liking it so far (have used the baby brush for a few days now). I cleared up quickly using the DKR, but the BP fried my face so I had to stop and take a break. The baby brush really gets rid of the excess dry skin without irritating. I'm having good results using it once per day (at night, in the shower, with cetaphil cleanser). After that I have been using witch hazel and then aloe vera gel. Every other day I use a pea sized dollop of BP (any more seems to really fry my face). I'm sur
  8. My esthetician told me to make sure to only wash with lukewarm water. She said hot water irritates and makes your face red and your pores congested.
  9. Did NOT work for me, at all. Plus you have to keep buying the tip cartridges at $35 a pop. It's a total complete waste of money. Buy an ipod instead!
  10. Hi Guys, I've got a bunch of dry skin from BP, and when I was at Walgreens today I picked up a baby brush. I haven't read any of the posts about using a brush for exfoliation, but I know there have been some. Any tips? Do I just basically brush my face? How long? Circular motion? Before washing? Any info would be great, thanks!
  11. True, thanks. I just changed it. I'm still so much in disbelief. I never thought I would get this clear so fast, it's like a prayer answered, or a dream come true :angel:
  12. I found this website 9 months ago and started Dan's regimen using Cetaphil gel cleanser for oily skin + Neutrogena 2.5% On the spot BP + Cetaphil moisture lotion. I suffered through the red, ichy, scaly dry skin for 8 weeks and then had a big breakout so I quit the regimen. After that I poured at least $1,000 into different treatments like microdermabrasion, peels, expensive cleansers, toners, moisturizers. I didn't tell my husband how much money I had spent! ACV and tea tree oil got it some
  13. Jojoba oil gives me lots of black heads, so I am guessing that is where your problem might be. Mine never turned into pimples, but once I quit using the jojoba oil they went away on their own (and I was getting them in spots where I don't normally get them also).
  14. I drink the ACV occasionally too - I just need to stick with it because I always seem to forget. I have a sinus infection right now and I was reading online about home remedies, and one web site said to drink 1/4 cup ACV diluted in 8oz water, so I did that last night and took a hot shower and my sinuses (and headache) cleared up within an hour. ACV is great for so many things.
  15. I'm not sure yet - I'm still drinking the tea every day. My hormones are really bouncing around right now because of the BC Pill (been on it for 3 weeks now), but overall, I would say something I've been doing has helped rid my skin of the tiny, flesh-colored bumps all over (those had been there for about 2 months). They are completely gone now. This coincided with starting the tea. I still get the red painful pimples, but not quite as many. I can't say for sure if it is the tea or not, but
  16. Day 5 of drinking spearmint tea twice a day, and so far no complaints! I have gotten two small pimples in that time frame (normally I wake up with 2 or more each day). I've noticed a decrease in facial oil, but I'm not going to attribute that solely to the tea, since I started the BC pill two weeks ago as well. I think the combo of the two "might" be working. Five days is a short time to tell, but things seem good at the moment, my skin is much less inflamed and the tiny bumps all over my ja
  17. My first pregnancy was when I was 25, and I had NO skin problems, absolutely flawless during pregnancy and after my little boy was born. I started the mini pill about 6 weeks postpartum and my skin stayed good until I went off of it. Even after that it never got really bad, but I used proactiv which kept things under control (but tended to fry my face). Fastforward to age 31, I was PG with my little girl, and I had minor breakouts / oily skin the first 5 - 6 months. During the last trimester
  18. Do any of you have zits that ich? Sometimes mine drive me crazy and I try desperately to keep myself from scratching them. Do you think this means they are healing or irritated?
  19. http://www.pdrhealth.com/drug_info/nmdrugp.../gre_0319.shtml http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2005/nov200...reen_tea_01.htm (awesome read). Wow, you know a lot about this stuff. Thanks! I'm going to have my sister look at this too.
  20. This is day 2 of drinking the spearmint tea, and I have to admit, I really like the flavor! I normally don't like anything mint, so I was pleasantly surprised. This morning I didn't wake up with any new pimples (the first time in weeks), so I'm hoping it's the tea but it could just be a coincidence. One thing I noticed is it makes me feel very relaxed and mellow, so maybe it really is affecting my hormones a bit (normally I have eternal PMS - my hormones are TOTALLY out of whack). I wasn't a