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  1. yeah sure.....thats why i know DOZENS of my friends who are the laziest shits alive.they eat WORSE than i do and dont do any excercise which i do.and thier SKIN? flawless....F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S.... no one has nailed the acne problem fully on the head yet ;)

    I'm not saying that everybody who is really lazy and eats junk food will get acne (It depends on ones organism strengh). Diet is a casue for me, my organism can't deal with this kind of food when it doesn't need it.

    Maybe its because "the laziest shits alive" eat worse than you right now, but in the past they didnt. Look, I know for a fact that there is sth wrong inside me. I don't know if its caused by junk food i have been eating all my childhood or because I took a lot of antibiotics in the past or because i've been sitting too much in front of the computer. But for now, when I changed my life and I'm trying to avoid highly energetic food everything is different. I've restricted all 6 points for a month, after one week I havent any new pimple. My skin has become less oily(that was the first time during 7 years of this illness that I noticed my skin is getting better and better), but when I've eaten a cake on a party nightmare returned. This experience is a live proof for me that I can get rid of pimples if I only want to.

  2. I've started this topic in this area because I think this is most serious one and people here need help immediately.


    I'm 20 right know and I've suffered from this illness for about 7 years. For all these years I've been reading a lot, thinking a lot and doing a lot to get rid of acne.A couple years ago I also had very severe acne and I know how it is to feel like.

    What I discovered:

    The main reason for acne is DIET, and I don't mean that you should eat special food or sth. You can eat everything if you are able to use the energy from this food.

    In my opinion acne is caused directly by food which rots in your organism. Acne is a sign that sth is wrong inside you.

    What can you do to stop acne being your problem?:

    If you have acne you probably eat a lot of food or eat food that is highly energetic(sugar, fat) and you probably also don't work out, so your body isn't able to fully use food you have eaten. So what to do:

    1. Change your diet

    try to eat less food, don't eat candies, don't eat food that contains a lot of fat

    2. Try to work out

    and not only once or twice a week, but every day; if you only have time - train (believe me, this really works; i've trained for about 5 months, doing push ups and stuff like that every day and during this time I haven't any cysts); try also to move as often as it is possible - don't sit, MOVE (use the energy, increase your blood presure, body temperature, so your acne can cure faster)

    3*.Don't use anything to wash your face but water and wash it 1-2 times a day not more.

    4*.Try not to use any antibiotics and other chemical medicines (it destroys your interior organs)

    Human body have self-healing ability, so just don't make it worse and your organism will heal itself.

    5*.Do never squeeze pimples. If you do so you'll destroy the tissue and you can be sure you'll got cystic on the same place, and even if the pimple will gone if your acne get worse some day you'll get new pimple on the same place.



    If I stick to all these 6 points I've got new pimples only if I eat fat food/candies or I eat too much food, so the sum of energy is the same if I eat fat food or candies.

    Don't worry, you'll get out of this, now you know how to fight.

    The way written above is the only way.