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  1. I'm not saying that everybody who is really lazy and eats junk food will get acne (It depends on ones organism strengh). Diet is a casue for me, my organism can't deal with this kind of food when it doesn't need it. Maybe its because "the laziest shits alive" eat worse than you right now, but in the past they didnt. Look, I know for a fact that there is sth wrong inside me. I don't know if its caused by junk food i have been eating all my childhood or because I took a lot of antibiotics in t
  2. I've started this topic in this area because I think this is most serious one and people here need help immediately. Introduction: I'm 20 right know and I've suffered from this illness for about 7 years. For all these years I've been reading a lot, thinking a lot and doing a lot to get rid of acne.A couple years ago I also had very severe acne and I know how it is to feel like. What I discovered: The main reason for acne is DIET, and I don't mean that you should eat special food or sth. You ca