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  1. i agree that you are better off continuing with subcision and trying dermapen than getting filler at this time. Once you are done with these treatments, then see how much more improvement filler can get you.
  2. Not sure why she would say fillers can't be used along with subcision, maybe it is just her personal preference. It is common to combine the two here in the USA, one of the doctors I contacted even said he rarely performs subcision without fillers. If you do decide to get a filler, it would probably be a waste of money to get subcision before the effects of the filler wear off. Not familiar with emervel, but their website says its a hyaluronic acid filler and lasts up to 12 months, which is p
  3. Dr. Rullan does not provide one, not sure if any doctors do. He seems very supportive of suction though, we discussed it during both subcisions. I bought mine off amazon, think Roberitoo was the first to mention using this exact device. Infini look very interesting and I have seen one or two doctors review it very highly but I have yet to see many patients with positive reviews yet. I think that is likely due to it being a relatively new treatment though. Glad you benefitted from it, it is def
  4. Added some new pictures, today is 4 weeks after the second subcision. Color and angle is not the best comparison to the ones I have in the first post, maybe I'll take some more later or update the original post with some different pictures from my old album. I will also take some pictures with indirect light and add those soon. As for the subcision and recovery, almost everything was exactly the same. I did not get 3 small lumps like last time, but instead have a single dime size area that is
  5. You have been around on this site long enough and seem to understand all the various treatments. Decided on what you want to have done and find a suitable doctor in your area that is known for that treatment. Dont procrastinate or make any excuses, and quit worrying about the slim chance that the doctor might be mean.
  6. Just got home from my second subcision, process was exactly the same as last time. I updated the 1st post with current info and added a new album. I wont be updating as often or with as many pictures this time unless my recovery differs somehow. I think around the 3 or 4 week mark is when the actual results can start to be seen.
  7. I looked into fat transfer with subcision when I was researching subcision and it seemed like a very interesting treatment, there just was not enough documentation on the results for me to justify the cost difference at the time. I will take another look at it before I set up my third subcision, will also start to take a serious look at fillers as well. For your two week mark your skin looks greatly improved, I will be following your progress to see how you are doing in the coming weeks/months.
  8. I'm not sure if I experienced any changes after around the 2 month mark, maybe I am just not very perceptive of these things. In a lot of ways I have to look at the pictures I took from before the procedure to remember what my scars were like. Wish I had taken some better pictures, but I only started to get very familiar with the camera after taking pictures of myself daily. Glad to say I have not experienced any negative side effects. All of the lumps have completely disappeared and I have no
  9. Here is the article. http://www.owndoc.com/pdf/therapy-in-treatment-of-atrophic-acne-scars.pdf People are using various devices, Chinese cupping set, wasp/snake venom extractor, vacuum, to accomplish the suction. Basically the idea is to keep the skin separated for a prolonged period of time so that more tissue will fill the subcised area, thus raising the scar more. Good luck, hope this treatment gets you some improvement. Be prepared for some of the results to diminish over the coming week
  10. i would try asking about treatment options on realself as well. My guess is that subcision would not be enough because you have a large amount of tissue loss.
  11. I am not certain what causes the lumps, some of the areas I suctioned most aggressively didnt form them while one spot I suctioned very little formed the worst lump I have. How many lumps are you talking about? In each scar that was subcised?
  12. I have no idea what chemobrasion is, it is not a treatment I came across. Looks like you have a lot of shallow scars, but consisting of rolling, boxcar, and icepick/scarred pores. Have you tried any treatments so far? I decided on the treatment I wanted and then made my selection of doctor based on this treatment, considering only doctors within driving distance to me. I sent an email to Dr. Rullan's office requesting subcision, including some detailed pictures, and he agreed that I was a goo