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  1. it sounds to me like she did do cross she said she put it on a scar in her cheek. i did the same thing to and it's gonna be almost 4weeks soon i put 50%tca on my scars and it's still kinda red as it wasnt red some areas prior to this treatment but it did help even my skin out more i'll wait maybe 2more weeks before i do it again
  2. well im going on my 11th day after second cross and im actually seeing improvment. pitted areas that i treated are starting to look more even with sournding skin. the redness is starting to fade just still have 2-3 scabs staying strong there should fall of in i think maybe 5more days at most. i think maybe 2or 3 more treatments of this and i'll have all my skin perfectly even maybe. but so far this is the best treatment for me ever it's gonna be a nice summer
  3. hey maya i just wanted to ask u do u put viniger on ur skin after a cross treatment it's been 7days for me since 2nd cross and im considering to apply the viniger again to help further improve my skin i went on it for 3weeks once before and got pretty good results my gaol is to try is it for 3months like that girl did and see what my full results can be thanx?
  4. well im on my 7th day today since my second cross treatment the left side of my face is still slighty scabby probably more will fall off soon when i go shower. the one scar on the right side of my face check is just dark red brown kinda slightly scabby but not much. u know i always thought when u guys got scabby from this treatment that it would be like those scabs we all got on our legs from mosketo bits in the summer where it's actually really thick and black sorta like a shell over the wound
  5. 90% sounds awesome to me. tracy i wanted to ask u are u using the cp serum while ur scabed up cause i just got my cp serum to since i started my second treatment. should i wait the 7to10days it might take for scabs to fully fall before even applying anything im just going with neosporin till scabs form in the next 2days or so?
  6. well it's the following day from my cross last night my skin is super duper red now even in pitted areas that were normal skin color are red now with still some slight white frost sorta like when u burn yourself i guess is this normal?? im just applying neosporin now when should i start to scab up ? thanx
  7. well this is my second cross treatment of50% i was alot more aggressive this time tonight i saw alot more white frosting which lasted even longer up to 25minutes i applied it with a toothpick and pushed in the scar area. the first time i did this last month i was way cautious hardly getting any tca on my scar there for not really seeing much improvment i almost wanna consider this my fist time will see what happens see ya
  8. u know it's funny im on day 2 and my scars are looking better more even surfaced. which scares me more then excited cause i would think it would look worse before better. im on day 2 no scabs yet at all ](*,)
  9. well i applied it on last night for the first time cautious as hell not knowing exactly what would happen. it seemed to be kinda hard to get them to turn frost white but i got a couple of them to. then the white disssapeared kinda fast i thought my face would look like hell after doing this thinking i would have to take a couple of days off but it really doesnt look that much of a difference this morning from last night before applying the solution on me. just put neosporing a bit after and tha
  10. yea i just got my 50% tca yesterday from glycolic demand and im gonna use it tomorrow she told me in her letter after applying the tca with a toothpick and after it turns white to quickly put baken soda mixed with water as a neutralizer and rinse my face out with water is this how u did it maya? or should i just put the tca on with toothpick on my scar let it frost white then just apply neosporin ? thanx
  11. hey maya i just wanted to ask u what over all improvement have u gotten from doing this cross treatmenti know u been doing this for a while now. and also is this in ur opinion by far the best procedure u have had done for ur scarring compared to everything else u have had done in the past ? thanx
  12. i just went to pathmark and got some malt vinegar but this one has wine in it and it even smells like it when i opend it i want to go with malt cause from what i read here it seems to have slightly better results but the store i went to only had that one do they have another one that doesnt have wine in it or does all malt vinegar have wine in it?. well also ive been on this since tuesday night it's sunday now and yes im actually seeing improvement on scars and it's early on so im thinking maybe
  13. hey i just wanted to know did any of u find out what results scar got from rapaport after his procedures that was in march when he posted so im sure he got it done by now ?
  14. yea i read on here that u can buy this 50% tca for 37dollers but is this the same thing they perform in doctors offices cause i called the other day and asked about the pricing for for tca chemical peel and it was for 1200 dollers and i think 35% so what i wanna know is this the same exact tca u guys are using that they offer. and they just charge alot mroe cause there doing it or what? thanx
  15. yea hello im new to this site and last night i came across ur viniger lemon treatment then i went to the store and got some and started up on it just to see if this works. mostly what i have are some uneven shallow pitted skin and some old red marks on my skin from old acne 7years old to date what i wanted to ask u guys is i also scheduled an appointment with dr rapport for a consulation im thinking he might perform a subcision and i will end up wasting well over a thousand dollers there easy a