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  1. im considered a troll because of? i just simply stated what i believe to be true in this situation, are some women selling themselves for money...yes, does this mean all women are like this...not even close, but it does give the notion that a women can be bought, its shallow society but just a fact that is hard to accept. for me i dont want to buy one, i want a woman to love me for who i am as she expects the same from me. im not defending men, another hard fact to accept ice queen is that we a
  2. You contradict yourself...in those lines & several others. A woman can "have" a penis at no cost, except unwanted pregnancy, emotional pain, and social stigma. Seems like quite a cost to me. Some might use sex to manipulate, but lots of women just want to protect themselves, physically & emotionally. And men don't care if they are just a notch, because there is not much, if any, social stigma for them. We all know that promiscuous men are celebrated, but promiscuous women are shamed. (I
  3. you see its funny to me when I come in here and read women showing their appreciation towards men who say something like "women should always be treated with respect" in return women will reply with the role of the victim and say something like "you see there are good guys out there" and/or "its men like these that give the male race such a bad image" but those are the same type of foxes that wouldnt date bill gates cuz he looks like a nerd but maybe for his money.. i dont take the route of men
  4. i do think acne is a turn off but since its something you cant really control you just have to deal with its "side effects". personally, it has minor affects on me because i try to stay active mentally and physically. I try to learn new things that i feel will help better my chances attracting and captivating a female's attention. Fortunately I am a man, and i know with that comes taking initiative so i feel in order to be good at that you have to know a lot to keep a conversation flowing and i
  5. -need 24/7 attention -must be nurtured and cared -need a shoulder to cry on -need to be fed -are so fun to play with -men pay a high cost to have them around -cant say "no" to them [EDIT: For mr. sick and tired, i mean this as they are men's weakness, like a soft spot] i know im going to get poster that say "well you have to find the right one" TRUE, but they are still babies. my mother is a great lovely wonderful lady and mother who has been HAPPILY married to my father for about 35yrs but
  6. sarcasm: I just laughed at how retarded this thread is...hmm i hope your feelings didnt get crushed. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. its easy to circum to a mental battle of what others think about you. just dont think and walk free. thoughts are like talk, they dont mean shit unless they are executed/performed. peace fam.
  7. hey i have a quick minute to share one of the many... so headed to vegas, get of the plane with a good buzz you know we were going to party and play, we staying at the cheapest hotel possible xcalibur, understandable bunch of college students... we go straight for the liquor store stack up on some sky vodka and red bulls to pre party and save some money. the scene lights up, we are looking CAlifornia good, head out to MGM Grand buzzing beautiful women around coronas at hand, having a great time
  8. Cherrybunny, Well i understand struggles vary in nature, i feel that everything you are going through is more self inflicted than reality. for one everytime i read one of your post you never give yourself credit as if you have never accomplished anything, as if your abilities were inferior. Rewind your life for a minute and think of how you have lived, you have survived the tough times and enjoy the good ones. learn for your experience because you have accomplished lots of intangibles You have
  9. veneno


    THIS IS HILARIOUS. BEST TREAD EVER. i have a question for women, how does it feel to be horny? cuz my shit just grows, gets hard and turns into a differnt mode kinda like the hulk...ya know.
  10. ya know i was just thinking about you the other day, i was wondering where you had gone. i enjoy reading you funny stories because i can see that you still dont understand the perspective that life offers to a human being. i went out an got drunk tonight and SOMEHOW unconsciencly my body is working naturally to clean my blood stream. everything in life is perfect except the way we think. i feel like your problem is that you dont have pride in anything that you stand for and me just looking at yo
  11. BUT isnt everyone already blind. think about it.