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  1. I take around 10 grams and experienced no hair loss. I also take MSM daily (few grams) which is supposed to be good for hair growth so maybe that offsets it. Can't say for sure.
  2. sounds kinda crazy but ground up eggshells. google it, its a GREAT source of calcium.
  3. idk where you get the idea that sweet potatoes are hard to digest.. they are great for your spleen which is the governor of the digestive system.
  4. definitely a correlation, especially when it comes to eating meals high in carbs. like even low GI foods such as yams/sweet potatoes become an issue when you eat them in excess and as you said its all about blood sugar and insulin essentially. stomach acid could play a role to an extent because a lot of us truly are deficient in that department but blood sugar spikes are everything.
  5. you're kidding right? no calories? no carbs yeah but you don't think that fat has calories, even boneless skinless chicken breast which is essentially no fat has calories. sweet potatoes are a great source of calories but just remember they are still a starch, while the GI is high that doesnt mean you wanna eat 3 lbs of them a day.
  6. your problem is the pasta, sweets and rice. i would personally cut everything but the rice, in excess of course.. a small quantity of rice should be no issue but limit yourself.
  7. yeah I find MSM does a ton for my acne. Sulphur is definitely a good look in any regimen.
  8. Pointless ^ um, definitely not. its all about the blood sugar spikes. there is a huge thread on here talking about glucomannan that you should read up on.
  9. Interested in seeing how this plays out. I do believe milk gives me issues, I won't test out whole milk though because I'm too scared to since skim milk I know for a FACT does. However, heavy cream... no issues at all.
  10. The zinc made you nauseous because you ate it on an empty stomach. happens to me if i do that also. you HAVE to take zinc with food, try it next time and you'll be fine.
  11. You're in the wrong section & in the wrong thought process. I mean opinions are cool but don't try to force that on anyone cause it's not true. On topic, I would suggest that you start taking digestive bitters. These are good not only for digestion (clearly) but also your liver. Drink a lot of water, add in fresh lemon juice & definitely start getting some bitters because your digestion sounds messed. Add in more fats & protein, everyone will talk you against dairy but I fin
  12. nice. first i'm hearing of niacinamide in regards to acne though, gonna have to check that out. you take it?
  13. Heavy drink? What do you mean? lol haha, terrible typo i meant heavy cream
  14. I definitely do much better on fats / protein. Question though, I know you used to consume heavy drink, do you still & if so how much / how often?
  15. Heavy cream is fine, keep it. Honestly probably less problematic then coconut milk could be.