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  1. Hi So I've been on the acne.org regime for 1 week and although I'm confident things will improve, my face has become a few shades darker to my usual skin tone; I look weird as now I look light around the sides of my face and dark tanned where I've used it on my cheeks and forehead. Im assuming that when the skin peels and use of AHA after the first month will make my skin the usual colour again? Thank you
  2. Awesome! :-) I just placed an order, can't wait to start the regime. Glad to hear yours is getting better, goodbye acne woohoo!!! Thank you :-)
  3. Thank you I've ordered and can't wait...hopefully this will work!!
  4. Hi everyone :-) I'm 17 year old guy who started suffering acne around 14/15 years old...feels like I haven't been able to breath properly since then! Has anyone tried the acne.org products\regime? Sad to say but these products are all I can think of at the moment!!! I just want to have clear skin already, would do anything!! I keep thinking that these products could give me a chance, some reassurance, just, something. I've just recently recovered from my first experience with tonsillitis which