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  1. Odd that you felt the need to create an account and respond to a thread that is nearly 12 years old when the OP hasn't posted in the forum since 2009. I hope that he is doing OK. Self esteem is something you can improve, but to suggest that it easy to do so is just condescending. If it was easy no one would ever have low self esteem. And the law of attraction isn't real, it's barely pseudoscience that only ever really leads to victim blaming (i.e. if a bad thing happened to you, it mus
  2. All of the kids you were at school with who were depressed ended up developing acne in later life? I highly doubt this. Even if it were true (i suspect you are exagerating), it wouldn't necessary follow that the cause of the acne was depression. My interpretation of your post as condescending was based on the overly simplistic view you appear to have of acne and the effect it has on a person's psyche. Like I said before, I won't be too harsh on you as you've never suffered from it so you d
  3. If you've never struggled with acne there's no way you could understand the pain, so I won't be too harsh with my criticism of your post. First of all, the idea that you have never struggled with acne because you are a compulsive clean freak is pretty insulting. It implies that you believe people who suffer with acne do so because they do not wash properly or with enough vigour. This is a myth. I'm sure you think you're being insightful, maybe even helpful, but this is all a bit condes