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  1. Did you buy Dans moisturizer yet? I have been using it since it came out and I absolutely love it! It doesnt break me out at all. Its the only moisturizer that hasnt done that :) I also started using Dans cleanser yesterday evening. Im not sure if I like it yet though. My face was red as a lobster today

  2. surely you don't mean leave all the conditioner in. i mean a bit yes, but all of it?
  3. hey tash what's in those big brown EM jars? i'm just curious cause i thought all their jars were green.
  4. Us brits have some qaulity sayings of the sophistiMacated quality! lol And thank you for the compliment Yankie lol

  5. lol poll is split, but all your comments seem good.
  6. yay! i have my shades finally, and now am hoping to catch their sale code, so i'll be ordering an everyday kit!!! soooo excited. i do need your help gals. the kit comes with two brushes of my choice, well i know for sure that i want their angled blush brush, but i need a second and i have no clue. so any recommendations? the skunk brush? concealer? eyeshadow? oh i already have a really good kabuki so i don't need one. well yeah, thanks in advance.
  7. if you've gotten good results from dan's cleanser what skin type did you have? i want to try it, but i have a feeling it'll be drying. so i want to make sure of a few things before ordering it. k thanks.
  8. seriously, someone just needs to shoot me and take me out of my misery. i really cannot anything right.... it's finally dawned on me how fucking stupid and ignorant i am and it's unbearable. fuck i don't even know where i'm going with this. don't reply i don't want replies, i just needed to write this out and maybe feel better. no acne is not my problem after all. i am my problem and i'll be a lot better if i can silence my brain. o whatever never mind, i'm so fucking worthless.
  9. yes... "friendly," i'm sure. and who says "buff?" i had to google that to make sure i didn't have the wrong meaning. you brits and your bizarre words. lolz. and you're pretty spiffy yourself sir.