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  1. Cheapest place I've found is pharmacy2u.co.uk For example, Panoxyl 10 Acnegel Triple Pack x2 (6 x 40g) £15.65 - £2.60 per tube. Free UK delivery on everything too http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/panoxyl.html
  2. Am I the only person who finds this a little, well, disgusting? :sick:
  3. I have been free from acne now for the past few months. I wouldn't say I have perfectly clear skin, that would be a lie. However my skin has drastically improved from what it once was. I am certainly more confident and happier with my skin and my appearance. However, it was my birthday Monday and as a result, I ended up eating a lot of chocolate. Regardless of the fact that I have been avoiding it for months now, certain people still brought it me. As it was my birthday I thought what the hell
  4. Well yes of course, obviously certain people (such as yourself) will not be able to maintain a strict routine based on their lifestyle. However, not everyone is the same. For certain people, a routine is easily achievable, they just choose not to have one. What I am saying is that it is possible for someone not to need an alarm if they stick to a routine.
  5. Totally agree. You need to establish a routine. Instead of forcing yourself to wake up in the morning, you should (after a period of time) be waking up at the right time. No alarm needed. Remember: ROUTINE > CHORE!
  6. I wouldn't advise a liver flush immediately after a course of Accutane. It could do more harm than good, but I guess it is best to speak to your doctor / dermatologist about this and see what they have to say.
  7. Perhaps it is the Apple's sugar content?
  8. I understand. I apologize for my assumption. I would still hazard a guess that your skin is still (albeit slightly) intolerent to something in your diet, and that when you eat a larger quantity of it your breakouts become noticeable.
  9. Have you actually tried consuming more of the exact same food one day and comparing the results from another? I get the impression that you haven't. The only way you can come to a reliable conclusion is if you eat the exact same foods but in a larger quantity. What you must consider is that the more you eat the greater the chance of you eating something that your skin is intolerent to. It is doubtful that you'll stick to the same foods that you have outlined above. As well as this, you must
  10. I disagree with this statement. Haven't you ever heard anyone refer to your body clock? Assuming you haven't, your body clock is what is known as a circadian rhythm. Read a little about it, you'll be surprised.
  11. Congrats! I'm reading a lot of success stories lately on the board which can only be good I can't stand tea or coffee so that is no problem for me
  12. Glad to hear you have had success. However, I'm not sure why you gave up drinking water. Care to explain why?
  13. Haha, loving the latest pic royalredus!
  14. Debating whether to try this as it seems different to all the other available treatments. What do you think?