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  1. 32. Thirty-bleeding-two. I'm starting to creak, it's terrible. I need to do stretches at the bar when I go to a club or I get cramp from dancing drunk to mediocre indie music (this actually happened last weekend).
  2. I'm down to two or three times a week. Any less than that and I get breakouts. It took from January until early May to get to that point though. Don't really know how or why this is, I had to do it to the letter, twice a day when I started, and would break out if I missed a single day.
  3. I think re: moistureiser, my skin just had to get used to the different products I was using. I stuck with the Neutrogena Multi Vitamin Clear Pore, and it's fine now. I don't use very much of it, about a quarter of a finger max. Just had to experiment a bit to get the right amount. I think that's been the key to it all really, not panicking when things aren't working and giving up, but just tweaking things ever so slightly here and there.
  4. Late again, Day 52 Well, I am completely clear. Still got fading red marks, but touch wood, that should be all, and they get better all the time. So even though I did get a breakout, it went away in no time. Been actually occasionally cutting back on the amount of BP to see if it has any effect… I think I’m at a point now where it’s more or less under control, so I don’t seem to need the full two fingers dose that did most of the work any more. Thank god, it
  5. Cheers californiaCA Well, posting this a day early as I’m away working tomorrow for a few days. Day 41 The disaster of last week has more or less sorted itself out. I’ve still got a big zit on my bottom lip that I’m resisting the urge to squeeze, but I’m now back to where I was before the breakout. Another plus is that the BP no longer burns or stings at all, and I’m not getting a red face anymore. I’ve upped the dosage to nearly two full fin
  6. This is the first time since I started that I've had new spots that weren't gone by the end of the day. And I've got (checks in mirror) five of the little buggers. I'm also a lot more blotchy than I was. I've also got a bit of a cold, I'm wondering if that's got much to do with it.
  7. Day 38. Ok, a late update as I had a major setback at the start of the week and got really down about it. Not sure what the cause was; I missed doing the regimen once over the weekend, but I’ve done that before, and not had a breakout like the one I had. But after sticking with it for the first part of the week, I’m back to where I was… about 3 weeks ago. This is a real downer, but having said that, progress over the last few days has been quicker than it was when I fi
  8. Yes, I've done that, though I'm not sure whether it makes any difference or not.
  9. Sorry I can’t give you a definite answer, I’m playing it by ear myself. But I stayed on one finger for about a week and a half before starting to increase again. This has been ok for me. You said at the start of this thread that the redness has only just started as you’ve upped the dosage. I’d go back to last week’s dosage and then try upping it a bit in another week. You will get a bit of redness at some point, but increasing the dose a bit more slowly,
  10. Sorry, I suppose that was unclear. I don't know exactly what will work best for you, but one and a third fingers (sqiggly line) is doing fine for me, and I'm going to stick with it. If you're using two at the moment, try dropping back to, say, one and a half, and see how that suits. If you stay clear but still not happy with the redness, maybe reduce a bit more. What I'm saying is that you're going to need to experiment a bit to find your own level; I don't think there's a definitive amou