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  1. So I've been on Accutane for several months now, the insurance company I'm with now (Regence Blueshield) told me they have a prescription limit of $3,000 , and as I went to refill my prescription today they told me that it reached the limit and that i had to pay ~$650 or so. I'm wondering what your guys' insurance plan is like and how you guys get around it for such long times.
  2. definitely the whole body. I get burns on places I wouldve never known sunburning was possible - hands, legs, shoulders ,etc... I hate the feeling of sunblock on my body so I just never try go outside lol
  3. I'm on accutane and have blood tests done every month to check triglyceride levels. I end up paying about 80 dollars per tests, for some reason my insurance only covers a little part of it. I pay about 100 a month for my health insurance (regence blueshield). I'm wondering if you guys end up paying that much. thanks.
  4. Well I've been on accutane for couple of months now, I stopped taking it for about 3 weeks cause I missed the 7 day period and then I started taking it about 2 weeks ago. For the last couple days I've had trouble sleeping and have had nightmares for all consecutive days. Last night was the worst of all. I was going crazy and I thought my mind was out of control... And I was thinking of things that I would never have ... like suicide and other 'complicated' thoughts. I decided to look at the wa
  5. so there's absolutely no way of getting the medication? like I can't contact Ipledge or anything? I don't understand why its such a big deal they should've informed me this rule before hand. I had several capsules left so I planned on getting the prescription when I came back from my trip but unfortunately I lost a piece of paper. I cant believe this.. lol
  6. ive been on it for about 4 months and I dont have any left
  7. they just told me they tried it before but they have failed... wow I think im just gonna get off of it now for good
  8. I lost my prescription paper about a week ago while I was in vacation and I just called my doctor if he could phone it to my local drug store and they told me they couldn't cause it's already been past the 7 day period and told me I wouldn't be able to get another refill for 24 days. Is this true? So I'm just not suppose to take the medicine for a month?
  9. I have to get my blood drawn this week, the question is could I get tested for STDs/HIV as well at the same time? I'm pretty sure I don't have it but I just want to be safe. Or would I need two different blood samples?
  10. mines called Claravis... i hate the packaging it makes you peel on a tab everytime
  11. give it some time, I had really bad flakes and dandruff as well but I barely notice it anymore (been on it little over a month). also try not to take showers every day, i noticed my skin got a lot dryer when I would take frequent showers
  12. Yea he offered me to get on this medicine that lowers triglycerides I guess but I decided to work through it by diet/exercise. Really sucks though I really can't find anything that doesnt have carbs/cholestrol/fats besides veggies and fruits but they those cant fill me up
  13. I got lab results back and the doctor told me my triglycerides were really high and that accutane increased it. Has anyone had the same problem? He told me that I can't eat wheat, foods that have lot of carbs- rice , potatoes, etc... Also nothing starchy... I'm having a difficult time figuring out what to eat since I usually eat bread/rice/pasta/potatoes. I've been trying to eat seafood past couple days but I feel sick. I'm trying to get some exercise and cut down on most of the stuff, hopeful