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  1. I just explained this to someone who is in a similar situation as you, which was a similar situation I had been in a couple years ago before clearing up, though I'm a bit younger: Sometimes people go all-out in an attempt to eat very healthy and gorge themselves on foods that may cause digestive problems. Foods such as garlic, onions, certain fruits, cruciferous veggies, etc. If you don't understand the correlation between digestive upset, your digestive microflora, and acne, it's a BIG one.
  2. You sound a LOT like me, actually. Before clearing up, I was convinced at one point or another that almost everything in the standard american diet would give me acne. Please be careful. I too lost weight trying to deal with diet entirely by myself and it took other people pointing it out to me that I looked really skinny to pull the reigns in. At that point I wasn't eating enough healthy fat, carbs, or protein. Diet is SUPER important, not just for acne, but for your overall health in general
  3. What would happen if you went for a day without deciding to care about your scar? What would change? I caused myself SO much anxiety over my acne scars (of which there are many shallow ones and a few deeper ones) that I seriously hindered any personal growth over a period of my life. Truth was, no one cared. NO ONE CARED because people all have their own internal dialogues and insecurities running all the time too. Why would they bother to worry about my acne scars and think less of me for t
  4. I'm an "acne veteran" who recommends the OCM and thought I'd weigh in for what it's worth. If someone comes to me with concerns about dry skin and a busy schedule I find it can be a great "all-in-one" routine. It takes my makeup and other gunk off gently, and it also provides just the right amount of moisture so that I don't even need to moisturize. But I'm very particular with it. Rather than swear against ALL oils as terrible ideas and fads, I only use Argan oil, which is given a comedogeni
  5. Wow. I really appreciate you for sharing this. I'm so glad you were able to pull yourself out of that dark place. I wish I had read something like this when I had persistent acne... Even after clearing my skin, I was still left with permanent scarring that affected my confidence. To others it probably wasn't as noticeable, but to me it was impossible to hide. It wasn't until I started learning about developing self-compassion that I was truly able to realize how much of a hold my mind was ha
  6. @JLopez Thank you for taking the time to answer! I'm fascinated by what works for different people. It sounds like you and I are pretty similar, in what has worked vs. hasn't worked. I agree the holidays can be ROUGH. It's hard not to indulge around family, especially when grandma is shoving sweets at you like mine, lol... Yes btw, your answer is super helpful :)
  7. This is awesome @JLopez!! I'm so glad to hear you've had success I have tons of questions but I'll try and keep it short. What was the hardest part/lifestyle change for you? Also, would you consider experimenting to see what you can add back in or would you be too anxious in case acne decided to come back? If you for some reason (holidays/traveling/stress/unexpected stuff) can't follow your routine, what are you okay leaving out (if anything), and what can you NOT under any circumstances g
  8. @ben100604 Most articles I've found (at least related to acne) on Pubmed allow you the "Link Out" feature which brings you to open access versions of the entire article
  9. I'd like to know how this goes. I'm also wondering what the doc "officially" describes them as. Have you tried any keratolytic (keratin/dead skin cell dissolving) treatments on them?
  10. @BaxterMcDoobinson I would definitely check that out if you made a dropbox file of it. Pubmed is AWESOME. Lots of great info still available without a pay wall
  11. I definitely agree with this. Most people will try and throw everything at the problem in the hopes that more = better. I'm glad you realize that the issue is internal. Since you've stated you had IBS and digestive troubles, have you looked into a Low-Fodmap diet to specifically help with that? Interestingly the LF also helps with inflammatory skin conditions. A thought for you, because it may be more structured and less restrictive but similar to what you're currently doing. Coconut oil i
  12. I definitely agree with your tips! I can't say for sure that I'm completely cured of skin picking forever ..maybe 99%. When I'm super stressed I notice the urge to pick but I can usually catch it early now and stop. Of course clearing up my acne also helped becuase a lot of my skin picking issues were tied to my frustration with acne. I wrote about my best tips here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/354400-successful-strategies-to-stop-picking/?do=findComment&comment=3508013 (you
  13. Hey there.

    Have a question about acne or want me to clarify something in a post? Or just wanna chat about anything related to the epidermis and the causes of breakouts? Feel free to PM me. I'd be happy to try and help.

    Yeah I mean you! :)

  14. I experimented with using coconut oil and my skin felt really congested shortly after. It's rated as highly comedogenic (4 or 5) but if it works for you then I'm glad and all for you using it. Just didn't work for me at all. I happen to LOVE Argan oil for my skin though. It's not cheap but hydrates my skin very nicely. It's been given a "0" comedogenic rating so I have no issue recommending it to friends with acne. However I use coconut oil all the time in my diet as a cooking/baking oil. Fo
  15. A couple studies to note here: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1468-2494.2012.00751.x/full (moisturizers can prevent/help treat scarring in acne patients) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3997206/ (Interesting to note: "The reparative properties of the skin care regimen offset the ongoing effects of concurrently used topical and/or oral acne therapies, which are known to induce impairment of the epidermal permeability barrier...") http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/artic