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  1. my face is so drying using just the tazorac how thing you think i have to wait to see good results?
  2. Does anybody have any previous experience with using these 2 acne meds together any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
  3. Rizz

    Riz <-- :D

  4. I just applied the ACV toner let it dry and I just put the benzoyl my face burns a lil is that ok?
  5. Im using Dan's CSR cleanser Wait for my face to dry. Use the ACV( apple cider vinegar) Toner on my face wait for that to dry then apply the benzoyl This is my first day im post each day and take a pic everyweek of my progress
  6. I just got the CSR today the cleanser and acne stuff can i use it with the ACV toner?
  7. Where do I get these Oils of lavender that you speak of? and my face has enough oil why put more?
  8. I use the new mach 17attro it has 17 blades MY CLOSEST SHAVE IN YEARS my barber has a really sharp machine so I just get shape ups ever 2-3 days BaLLLLLLLLInnnnnn
  9. After reading all these posts I went into my closet took out the ACV put about 8oz into a old toner bottle and put about 7oz of water (bottled Deer Park thought it would help lol) shook the bottle used a cotton ball put it on my face and my face feels nice. I dont really get pimples like I use to I have mild acne but I have alot of redmarks and few blackheads and whiteheads So i hope the ACV is gonna help. im 17 a junior in highschool if i put this on before i go to school and im gonna smell lik