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  1. Has anyone watched this film? It's a great documentary on Genetic Engineering of our foods and how corrupt it is and is going to get. It's a must watch. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...+future+of+food
  2. I for one believe in chemtrails. Its very frustrating to see a clear blue sky then all these jets come out of nowhere and shoot these trails all over. Then in a matter of days, these trails will overcast the sky. And Im sure the pharmaceutical companies do benifit greatly from the effect of whatever we breath in from the chemtrails. Aerosol Crimes (google video) is a good documentry to watch.
  3. I'll have to say this is the best suppliment I have bought yet. I've been taking it for 2 in a half weeks and my face is clear and healthy looking and I havent had an outbreak. Before I was getting one or two a week mostly on forehead. Plus I have tons of energy and sleep great and wake up feeling great. This multivitamin/organically superfood gets an A+ from me. I usually only take one a day and a serving size is three. You can check the website here http://www.newchapter.info/
  4. Its pretty good cleansing you out. And helped me at the infamation of a zit. And gives an all around nice complexion. The thing I notice the most from it compared to regular green tea was the digestion part. And yes the taste is good. Squeeze the juice out the teabag as well. Alteast that what the directions on mine said. Oh and never drink it on a empty stomach. I did then went to work and felt sick.
  5. water is an enemy to many vitamins. Like vit C. So it makes sense why you shouldnt drink water with most meals. Once absorbed its a different story. The whole waiting 2 hrs before is bit to much. Especially if im going to eat rice or oatmeal, both soak up water a great amount. Every day I wake up I usually get about 16 ouncer to 32 ounces. Something I do is If I feel thirst during a meal. I will take a few gulps from kefir. Its very replinshing (kinda like water), and its cultured whi
  6. Anyone use this? I just got this today at the organic store. I'll try and keep an update anywho. I took one earlier and it smells of organic. Ahhhh I was in GNC the other day and the lady talked me into buying a Multi Ultra Mega Gold w/o iron. And I think I'll return it with the 30 day guarantee. I dont really enjoy pissing neon green and the feeling from it's a bit weird.
  7. Try knocking out bananas for awhile and maybe drink some kefir with the meats so they can become easier digested.
  8. Thats what I drink. You should try kefir, its a milk product, but it's pretty damn good for you. And shouldn't break you out.