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  1. About 3-4 days ago this red bump surfaced near my mouth. I thought it was a cyst but it still hasn't come to a head yet and the bump isn't going away. It looks like there is some pus underneath but it still hasn't surfaced. I've tried hot compresses and tea tree oil so far. How do I get this to go away?
  2. The problem is that I haven't had a derm for a couple years I haven't had cysts just clogged pores pretty much but they haven't hurt. I guess I should look into it if my cystic acne comes back
  3. Will my face heal from this. I've had a couple of deep under skin pimples that have hurt the last month or so and of course I got frustrated and couldn't stop picking at it. I squeezed them really bad. The one on the right side of my face is almost gone although there is still a little bump under there. But I'm worried about the red bumps on the left side of my face it burns it still feels like there is something underneath although I squeezed it and white stuff came out. I felt like a good look
  4. I picked at my face for a couple spots which I know will heal but what about these red bump I keep getting below my mouth I'm afraid to look at people in sunlight because they have to be super noticeable and I just want to have non bumpy skin so I can be confident again it's really messing me up right now
  5. Hey guys so I used to have cystic acne up until a couple years ago I'm 19 and now my skin seems to be getting worse since October. I used to have skin that would almost never get any pimples and not really even have to worry about it. So at first I tried cetaphil twice a day and that didn't work, and then neurogena acne soap twice a day and only at night and that didn't seem to work either. I've also tried moisturizer and it made my skin feel better but also it seemed to break me out more. So th
  6. last night I squeezed a couple of smallish white bumps on my face and about 15 hours later they are still bumps. Is there a way i can flatten it I have about 7 hours till I have to be somewhere and if it's flat then I can just cover it up with makeup. Can I use ice or hot compress to do that?
  7. I have a pimple right below my lower lip that popped up.. How long will this take to go away it itches really badly and it looks so bad when I look at myself
  8. How do I heal this I squeezed a tiny pimple really hard right now. Put a band aid on last night with neosporin cream and now it looks so bad. How do I heal this fastly.
  9. I had a tiny pimple under my lip and I hate when they're around my mouth so of course I had to squeeze it and I'm fine with the tiny red mark but now I have a giant swollen area around it and it's so noticeable and disgusting. Will it go away, I know I shouldn't have squeezed it I don't know why I'm so stupid
  10. I've got what I think is a whitehead on my cheek, and I'm trying to fight the urge to pop it because I don't think others would even notice it but is there a way to make it go away, I really want it to but I'm scared to pop it, my mom suggested tea tree oil.
  11. I just want these dark spots to go away, I've been putting makeup on them except for when I wash up before bed. I can't walk around without it on or else my confidence is shot.
  12. Does anyone know how I can get these red marks on my face to go away, I've been covering them up with makeup for the past few days but I feel like they will never be able to heal that way. How do I make them go away or will they just go away by washing my face and letting it air out.
  13. So I picked my face and it opened a couple spots on face a couple nights ago and they were dark red and raw. So I woke up this morning and those spots seemed better but now on that side of the face its all dry and has white flakes all over it and I'm not sure how to get these annoying white flakes. Could it be the moisturizer I started using about 2 weeks ago (I never moisturizer before that) and also should I cover red marks with band aid so that they can heal faster