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  1. Just want to share this, over 2 months has gone by and im still in the same breakout, better for sure but not close to what it was before
  2. Thanks for answering first of all! It's been maybe a week now and it's getting better atleast. New whiteheads are still forming but old ones are healing quicker and quicker. I now have the whole weekend to heal, will probably be alot better by monday.
  3. Ok so to start off i've had acne since i was 13 y/o (17 now). It was very mild at first but the last years it's has been mild/moderate. I've tried a bunch of stuff including the acne.org regimen (which didn't work btw). So about a month ago i think, i just couldn't be asked to need one extra hour every morning anymore and have a constantly red or over-dried face which the regimen gave me. So I started putting less and less BP on until I was literally only using very little of it as a spot treatm
  4. Caused huge breakout

    Got caught by the hype train here and since so many were getting great results with it, I thought that it won't hurt trying. I've had acne since i was 13 (17 now) and about a week ago, i was the clearest i've been in years, no pimples or whiteheads and my marks were lighter then ever. But even tho my marks were lighter, i still wanted to speed up the process of getting rid of them. So I looked around and found this page and read all the positive reviews. Later that day I bought a couple of lemon