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  1. Didnt you hear her the first time? refrain from talking to her.
  2. well well well look what the cat drug in, thought i smelt something funny.
  3. lolllllllllll she clubs at chuckie cheeses with the little robotic things on the stage. The band thing at chuckie cheeses.
  4. dude i have the power to jack threads even while at school...thats how much i influence over here. afterall i am emo king.
  5. you are so popular elsa, i dunno is our threadjacking work hiring new thread jackers?
  6. thanks babee, means alot seriously. goodnight mam, i love you muchooooooooooooooooo xpxpxppxpxpxpxxpxpxpxxpxp
  7. just wondering, meet my wife elsa* she's very lovely and sophisticated and i like to show her off to the world because i love her.
  8. yeah right elsa you know you love being on yupp clean up!!!!! genie how old are you?
  9. oh genie i was just kidding with ya...gotta toughen up thats the first step in fighting acne.
  10. im just jokin with them pooper butt. good pizza?
  11. whats that song called? killin me softly with your words, killin me softly... it goes something like that i just thought of it while doing goverment homework
  12. lol elsa is a freak when it comes to her pillow cases..."mom dont let these touch anything I SWEAR"