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  1. Didnt you hear her the first time? refrain from talking to her.
  2. well well well look what the cat drug in, thought i smelt something funny.
  3. lolllllllllll she clubs at chuckie cheeses with the little robotic things on the stage. The band thing at chuckie cheeses.
  4. dude i have the power to jack threads even while at school...thats how much i influence over here. afterall i am emo king.
  5. you are so popular elsa, i dunno is our threadjacking work hiring new thread jackers?
  6. thanks babee, means alot seriously. goodnight mam, i love you muchooooooooooooooooo xpxpxppxpxpxpxxpxpxpxxpxp
  7. just wondering, meet my wife elsa* she's very lovely and sophisticated and i like to show her off to the world because i love her.