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  1. ANewHaven: So sorry for the delay in responding to your post;I didn't realize that there had been an update to my thread. Zinc Zinc is vitally important for the overall health of your skin and promotes collagen development. Here are a couple of links: http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/information/nutrition/zinc-benefit-skin.htm http://www.zinc.org/info/zinc_essential_for_human_health "Zinc – vital for skin, hair and nails Zinc accelerates the renewal of the skin
  2. I have kept my face covered in Aquaphor all day today in the hopes of expediting the healing process. My face looks very brown and shiny right now. I expect that the outer layers of skin will begin to detach themselves very slowly over the course of the next 24 hours and my skin should become progressively tighter and tighter. Hopefully, I'll see some major peeling in two days (if all goes well). This is the time in the recovery/healing process that I always second guess myself. Ho
  3. 11:00 a.m. Today, my face looks extremely tan/brown all over and my skin is beginning to tighten. I can see the faint beginning of skin peeling on my left cheek and my skin is beginning to look 'crinkly' and 'wrinkly'. Based upon my appearance today, I fully suspect that I will peel heavily this week. My skin is beginning to become 'itchy' which is a sign that the upper layers of skin are getting ready to separate from the lower layers.
  4. I woke up a couple of times during the night because my face hurt. This morning, I took a look in the mirror and my face looks like I have a very minor tan and it feels somewhat tight. Based upon my experience with this in the past, the skin on my face should become progressively tighter and tighter and begin to peel in about two to three days. For those of you reading this blog who have acne scars, while a 25% TCA peel does help a lot with collagen development, if you have tethered
  5. mr. matt

    Day One

    I purchased a new bottle of 25% TCA from www.skinobsession.com about a month ago and applied four coats to my face this evening at around 9:35 p.m. Before I applied the first coat, I washed my face with soap and water and then used a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to remove any soapy residue, dirt, or oil from my face. Then, I put on a shower cap to keep my hair from falling into my face and then put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect my hands and a pair of swimming goggles to protect
  6. mr. matt

    5 20 14#1

    Looks as if you are recovering quickly. Was this your third peel?
  7. Yes, you should see improvement over the course of the next several weeks/months. If you have 'bumps' under your skin, this should be a good sign - the NOKOR needle created trauma and a dermal pocket is formed in the area where blood, fibroblasts, and other healing agents will go to work creating collagen. Hang in there - this is a good sign. Matt
  8. I've undergone four subcision treatments and no additional scarring occurred as a result of the procedure. My initial fear was that the Nokor needle would create a scar when the doctor inserted it through my epidermis but nothing like that occurred whatsoever. If you have rolling scars, the financial means to have them treated, and a doctor willing to perform the procedure, I highly recommend it.
  9. Yes. Great products, low prices, and fast shipping.
  10. hey mr.matt, where i can find such copies on the internet? and which copies did you use to convince your dermatologist? I am sure that there are other articles out there, but this is the type of information that I shared with me and I am so glad that he agreed to perform subcision on my face.
  11. 1. I don't take collagen tablets. I do, however, eat a diet rich in protein and I was taking food grade diatomaceous earth for a while. It contains silica which is a building block for collagen. 2. Supplements: multi-vitamin with minerals. 50mg of zinc each day, 2,000 ICU's of vitamin d, and Tumeric. 3. If you have sun damaged skin, a 25% TCA peel should help you. However, I encourage you to make it a habit to wear sun screen everyday of the week. I also use Avalon C cleansing wa
  12. Mr Matt, many thanks for your response. You're a legend on these boards! Congrats on your scar success! I do trust the PS and I'm not as concerned with the peel strength. I just don't want to go through with the pre-peel prep and post-peel downtime if it's not going to make a difference in my scarring. How did the peels help you? Chemical peels, in and of themselves, are not going to do much for your scarring especially if you have tethered scarring. I don't believe that I did any of my 25%
  13. I've only done 25% TCA peels on my face and I am not sure that I would want to go with a 35% TCA peel due to the possibility of scarring and prolonged downtime. Sometimes stronger is not always better. I have done four 25% TCA peels at home and it takes a full five days to go through the peeling process. I know that we all want the fastest healing process possible, but I think that taking a slower, more conservative approach may be in your best interests. Matt
  14. I used Arnica gel that I bought at the health food store and didn't find that it didn't anything to help the bruising. Keep in mind that bruising is actually a good thing because it causes the body to release various healing agents that help in the collagen remodeling process. However, if you are like most of us, you either have to go to school or you have a job or both. So, returning to some normalcy in appearance is important. I let the bruising take its course. As far as supplement
  15. I combined suctioning with subcision after my fourth subcision treatment. My doctor did not offer suctioning as part of the after-care, so I used a hand held Orec vacuum sweeper nozzle to my face and suctioned my face twice a day beginning after the third day if I remember correctly. It was highly effective and amazed my doctor. However, it did result in prolonged bruising which ended up being a good thing. I had large bump on my left cheek and one on my right cheek which lasted for week
  16. Last month marked the five year anniversary since my first subcision treatment in March of 2009. I wanted to provide people who are interested with a five year update since I am not aware of any 'long-term' studies of subcision and long-term results. Here is a brief synopsis of my journey: My mother suffered from terrible cystic acne which completely disfigured her face. She underwent two dermabrasion treatments but they didn't do anything to truly improve her scarring because her s
  17. mr. matt

    20140415 Full Face

    From the album: Five Year Post Subcision Journey Update

    This is a photo taken of my face on 04.05.14. I apologize for the poorer quality of this photo - our camera is on its way out and we need to replace. My face used to have a very 'rippled' or 'dented' look to it under most types of lighting. Today, it is not perfectly smooth, but I have seen a dramatic improvement in the reduction in the appearance of the scarring on my face.
  18. This is a five year update since my first subcision treatment in March 2009.
  19. From the album: Five Year Post Subcision Journey Update

    This is a photo taken of my right cheek on 04.05.14. I used to have a very large compound scar that caused a large portion of my right cheek to appear completely sunken. I had had about nine or ten cysts in the same area over the course of about six years and the entire area had sunken Today, the area has risen considerably but is not completely flush with the rest of the skin on my right cheek. However, I am satisfied with the progress that my right cheek has had.
  20. From the album: Five Year Post Subcision Journey Update

    This is a photo taken on 04.05.14 of my left cheek. If you compare this photo to my baseline photo of Feb. 2009, you will see that all of the deep indented scars have risen nearly level with the rest of the skin on my left cheek. I had a total of four subcision treatments on my face. The final subcision treatment was combined with suction and yielded the most dramatic result.
  21. I have been doing chemical peels for over five years now, so I have progressed up to a 70% Lactic Acid peel. I apply the peeling agent after I have completed the dermastamping session and leave it on for ten minutes. Then, I wash it off and then apply Reviva Labs DMAE/Ester C cream. My goal is to maximize absorption from where the needles pierced my skin. So far, it appears to be working well. Matt zavvi: Next month I will do a five year update for anyone following my thre
  22. I actually combine a dermarolling/pen session with a lactic acid peel. The needles allow for deeper penetration of the acid and I have not had any problems with irritation, long lasting redness, etc.
  23. Congratulations on your success and thanks for following up on your status.
  24. mr. matt

    Photo 0001

    What types of treatments have you had done or are you considering doing to improve your skin? These photos appear to do a good job of capturing your scarring.
  25. I use vitamin e oil on my face every night and I have not had a problem with my pores getting clogged. If you still have active acne, I wouldn't use it, though. how long did it take to be completely healed ? and did it still have redness after ? also were results good ?