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  1. Thanks for your post.  
    I spread out the four sessions of subcision over five years because I work a full-time job and it took at least one week before the bruising and swelling would subside enough for me to be able to return to work.   Also, I've read that the collagen and elastic deposition process could take up to six months, so I wanted to give my skin enough time to heal before the next session.

    The final reason that I waited was it was $400 per session, so I wanted to save the money between sessions and pay cash for the treatments.

    While I have enjoyed a tremendous reduction in the appearance of my scarring, my skin is not perfect.  All of these treatments (subcision, laser, chemical peels, TCA CROSS, etc.) have really helped to minimize the appearance of my scarring.  

  2. What types of treatments have you had done or are you considering doing to improve your skin? These photos appear to do a good job of capturing your scarring.

  3. I went to my dermatologist whom I trusted and brought the research about subcision and asked him if he would perform the procedure on my face and he agreed to do so. He is an outstanding dermatological surgeon and I knew that the would be an extremely simple procedure for him to learn and master. I paid for all of these procedures out of pocket as my insurance company does not cover cosmetic procedures.

  4. Rob: Your skin is looking a lot better -texture has definitely improved along with the depth of your scarring. Keep using the Retinol and dermaroll. Very inspiring my friend! Matt

  5. The Pearl Fractional Laser treatment was the most painful of all of the procedures that I have had done. It was like kind of like having hot greased splattered on my face for about 30-45 minutes. I had to really relax myself and focus on other things.

    The injections for the subcision treatments were no picnic either.

    However, no pain, no gain. :)

  6. Man, your scars give me so much motivation. Well, the improvement you had is what i mean. It gives me much hope about one day me being able to get my face to improve as much as yours did. Can you by any chance tell me about how much money youve spend on all these treatments in total, just to see the kind of money i'll have to dish out to get improvements like yours? Im young and still struggling to make it on my own but pretty soon I'll have some money dedicated for this.

    I spent about $400 for each subcision treatment, $600 for three Laser Genesis treatments, $800 for a Pearl Fractional laser treatment (if I remember correctly). It was money well spent!

  7. Hi Mr. Matt.

    Thanks for sending an email with some information. I tried to write you back...but I received a message that says I do not have permission to send an email.

    I went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor did inject a mixture of cortisone and mostly water into the big lumps on my face. These lumps are pretty big. This was 24 hours ago and I still have the lumps and they haven't gone down at all. When I used to have acne cysts injected they would be completely down the next morning. Do you mind me asking how long it took your lump which was injected to go down? If it's not down by tomorrow (48 hours after injection) do you think I should have it injected again? Again, I am so sorry for bothering you. It is just so refershing to see a normal person that has gone through this as well. The people at the doctors office act like I'm crazy...but they don't have acne scars OR huge lumps all over their faces smile.png Thanks so much smile.png

    It took a good six weeks for my swelling and bruising to completely subside. I looked like I had gotten into a bad street fight and lost miserably. The pain and downtime was definitely worth it - I had the most dramatic results from the fourth round of subcision that I had.

  8. Hello.

    I began suctionning my face on day three and used a hand-held Oreck brand vacuum sweeper. I used one hand on the nozzle to restrict the suctionning power because our nozzle was too powerful to apply it directly to my face.

    I did several passes two to three times a day for two weeks. It had an amazing effect on my left check. Three scars lifted very well and I can't seem them anymore!

  9. Have you pursued any scar treatments since these photos were last uploaded?

    I just had my rolling scars treated with subcision and my pitted scars treated with the TCA Cross Method on March 16, 2009.

    Based upon these photos and the lighting, it does not appear that your skin is deeply pitted. So, I thought that you would benefit from scar revision treatments.

    Best wishes on your journey to healing. :D