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  1. Collagen remodeling and format is a process that  takes months to complete, so you should expect any 'overnight' results from any procedure that you may have done.

    Any redness and swelling should, for the most part, be gone in three to four weeks. I had a couple of subcutaneous lumps that took about two months to subside,so you can't rush the process.

    If you have hyperpigmentation issues, talk to your doctor about a 25% or 35% TCA peel.  I did seven of these at home, but I had major problems with the last one I did.  So, I suggest having a dermatologist do them for you.

    I would wait at least 90 days before you have another procedure done.  Also, I am a big fan of microneedling.

    By the way,  your photos look great. You should be on the road to a better complexion soon.


  2. I would suggest that you:

    1) speak to a dermatologist about TCA CROSS.  Don't try this at home because it could make your scarring much, much worse.

    2) look into needling

    Both of these processes will help develop collagen to help  fill in these small pits.

  3. My advice is to be patient with the progress.  Collagen and elastin production takes weeks and typically months.

    I also recommend a healthy diet with lots of exercise.   Why exercise?  It forces the blood throughout your arteries,veins, and capillaries and allows the growth factors, hormones, vitamins, etc., to spread where they are needed.

    Supplements such as zinc and topical vitamin c are also important to the production of collagen and elastin.
    Consider needling if you are not already doing it. I also found that the chemical peels that I did also jump started the collage production. I knew that I was making major progress when my dermatologist and his nurse complimented me on my youthful looking skin.

    Finally, wear sunscreen everyday to protect your skin.  The collagen remodeling process is one that does not occur overnight, but takes months to complete.  The wait is worth it.

  4. If you have rolling scars, then I can only speak from my own experience that subcision, dermarolling, and chemical peels have truly worked in synch with one another to:

    1) greatly reduce the appearance of my scarring
    2) greatly improve my skin tone
    3) greatly improved my self-confidence

    I had four laser treatments several years ago and they did absolutely n
    othing to help my appearance  In fact, they were a total waste of money

    If you have rolling scars, you need to deal with the underlying cause:  tethered scar tissue that creates the dimpled look on your skin.  Dermarolling/stamping also has helped create collagen in my skin and I have done multiple 25% TCA peels which have also created collagen, elastin, and improved the overall tone of my complexion.

    Treating acne scars is a difficult and frustrating process because everyone's skin is different.  I encourage you to look at a wide variety of options and definitely read people's reviews of the various treatment options.
  5. On 6/17/2016 at 2:11 PM, Ommmmmm said:

    Keep it covered with vaseline/aquaphor. Moist healing is less likely to scar. Keep the moist scabs on as long as possible. It can take as long as 10-14 days for the wound to close, heal and scabs to come off. Then an additional 2 weeks to continue raising and fading. It can take a long time and the only way is patience. Keep it moist and do not disturb it at any point in the healing process. It can be really, really difficult to wait so long to find out the outcome. All I know is the wounds look horrific until the very end so there is hope but you won't know until 2-4 weeks. It's still very, very early for you. You could get scarring if you don't follow proper wound healing procedure. Try to take your mind off of it by distracting yourself and revisit in a month. I hope your derm will be much more careful next time. Perhaps a lower % would also be effective? I find even 50% TCA does the job. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck!

    This is a sound advice.  Keeping the wound moist with vasoline/aquaphor will definitely help the healing process.  Also,  stay out of the sun to avoid any potential hyperpigmentation issues.
  6. On 5/24/2016 at 1:09 AM, JackAlfonso said:

    Hi Mr. Matt! I have some rolling atrophic scars on my cheeks, my doctor said I will benefit from subcision and fillers. My question is have you had FILLERS? and can subcision alone do the heavy lifting, because as I see in your case it does. Thanks very much!

    No, I have not had any type of fillers yet.  I have not ruled them out forever.  I don't like them because:

    1) they can be really expensive
    2) they are temporary

    I am still dermastamping and I am getting ready to do my annual 25% TCA peel.  Both of these procedures have really helped to generate a lot of collagen in my face.
    If and when I ever decide to get fillers, I will definitely repost and put a disclaimer on any photos that I might post.

    Hang in there, everyone, and fight the good fight for better skin.

  7. Hi Mr Matt,

    May i know if u have lumps or nodules under the bruised areas immediately after the subcision? Is it just something that will go away with bruising ? What is the protocol u did for the suction on your face ? Like how many minutes per area, how many times a day . Thanks for helping out!

    Yes, I do recall having lumps/subcutaneous nodules under my skin after a couple of my subcision treatments and particularly after my fourth and final round of subcision. The nodules eventually resolved themselves after several months, They were noticeable while I was still bruised and swollen, but not afterwards.

    I definitely recommend combining subcision with suctioning. I was shocked to see how well it worked on my left cheek and so was my dermatologist.

    mr. matt,

    I plan on having TCA cross and subcision. Is there any recommendation as to which order to have these procedures? Should one be performed the other?

    I don't think that it makes any difference because TCA CROSS treats surface level scarred pores and subcision treats sub dermal scarring.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your procedures.


  8. I waited about two weeks after my last subcision treatment before I attempted to dermaroll my face. I was pretty swollen and bruised, so I gave myself a break.

    I purchase my dermarollers from www.owndoc.com and I use the 2.0 cm roller. I am still rolling and did it last weekend, in fact.

    My younger brother who sees me about every three to four months mentioned how smooth my face looked the last times I saw him.

    The subcision treatments were, by far , the procedures that reduced the significance of my scarring. Dermarolling and 25% at home TCA peels also helped to stimulate the production of collagen in my skin. I buy mine from www.skinobsession. Definitely do our homework first as this is a powerful peel and you must wear eye protection. I have done four or five if them and your skin really peels!

    Hope this helps.

    Mr. Matt

  9. ANewHaven:

    So sorry for the delay in responding to your post;I didn't realize that there had been an update to my thread.


    Zinc is vitally important for the overall health of your skin and promotes collagen development. Here are a couple of links:



    "Zinc – vital for skin, hair and nails
    Zinc accelerates the renewal of the skin cells. Zinc creams are used for babies to soothe diaper rash and to heal cuts and wounds. Zinc has also proven effective in treating acne, a problem that affects especially adolescents, and zinc has been reported to have a positive effect on psoriasis and neurodermitis.

    Zinc is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent and can help sooth the skin tissue, particularly in cases of poison ivy, sunburn, blisters and certain gum diseases."

    Vitamin D


    " Having sufficient vitamin D in the skin helps minimize acne, boost elasticity, stimulate collagen production, enhance radiance, and lessen lines and the appearance of dark spots, he says. It’s this laundry list, plus anecdotal evidence from seeing patients day in and day out at his NYC office, that led him to create skincare with D right in the bottle. “Many of my patients have vitamin D deficiencies as a result of avoiding the sun and wearing a daily sunscreen in fear of premature aging and cancer,” he says. “Together, we noticed that their skin had a sallow and dull appearance, which I believed to be an adverse effect from low levels of vitamin D.”

  10. This is just subscision treatment. Should the results get better over time?

    Can anyone advise why under skin feels hard where the scars are?

    Yes, you should see improvement over the course of the next several weeks/months.

    If you have 'bumps' under your skin, this should be a good sign - the NOKOR needle created trauma and a dermal pocket is formed in the area where blood, fibroblasts, and other healing agents will go to work creating collagen.

    Hang in there - this is a good sign.


  11. I've undergone four subcision treatments and no additional scarring occurred as a result of the procedure.

    My initial fear was that the Nokor needle would create a scar when the doctor inserted it through my epidermis but nothing like that occurred whatsoever.

    If you have rolling scars, the financial means to have them treated, and a doctor willing to perform the procedure, I highly recommend it.

  12. On 4/14/2014 at 12:57 AM, Emhfali said:

    3) do what I did: take copies of how the subcision procedure is performed and give them to your dermatologist

    hey mr.matt, where i can find such copies on the internet? and which copies did you use to convince your dermatologist?


    I am sure that there are other articles out there, but this is the type of information that I shared with me and I am so glad that he agreed to perform subcision on my face.

  13. I totally agree with others when they say how valuable your posts are. It is so admirable of you to come back and give people hope as many do not. You have inspired me to take the brave step and go for various surgeries. Your results are the best I have seen. If you could answer a couple of questions I would very grateful:

    1. What collagen tablets do you take?
    2. What other supplements do you take?
    3. I have wrinkled like skin all over my cheeks where I scarred - a weathered look like a sun worshiper that look better when stretched. Do you think the TCA peel helps greatly with the overall texture of skin?

    1. I don't take collagen tablets. I do, however, eat a diet rich in protein and I was taking food grade diatomaceous earth for a while. It contains silica which is a building block for collagen.

    2. Supplements: multi-vitamin with minerals. 50mg of zinc each day, 2,000 ICU's of vitamin d, and Tumeric.

    3. If you have sun damaged skin, a 25% TCA peel should help you. However, I encourage you to make it a habit to wear sun screen everyday of the week. I also use Avalon C cleansing wash which contains ester c, and green tea. I also apply a product from Reviva Labs which contains alpha lipoic acid, ester c, vitamin d, and vitamin a.

    I've learned that it takes a multi-pronged approach to improve one's complexion. People tell me all the time how much younger I look today than I did five years ago. The acne scarring had destroyed a lot of collagen and had accelerated the aging process. As I mentioned, I changed my diet and I've been working on improving my skin from the inside/out.

    Hope this helps.


  14. I've only done 25% TCA peels on my face and I am not sure that I would want to go with a 35% TCA peel due to the possibility of scarring and prolonged downtime.

    Sometimes stronger is not always better.

    I have done four 25% TCA peels at home and it takes a full five days to go through the peeling process. I know that we all want the fastest healing process possible, but I think that taking a slower, more conservative approach may be in your best interests.


    Mr Matt, many thanks for your response. You're a legend on these boards! Congrats on your scar success!

    I do trust the PS and I'm not as concerned with the peel strength. I just don't want to go through with the pre-peel prep and post-peel downtime if it's not going to make a difference in my scarring. How did the peels help you?

    Chemical peels, in and of themselves, are not going to do much for your scarring especially if you have tethered scarring. I don't believe that I did any of my 25% TCA peels until after my last subcison treatment. My TCA peels have helped my skin tone and have helped develop collagen, but I can't say that the peels truly did anything for my scarring.

  15. I've only done 25% TCA peels on my face and I am not sure that I would want to go with a 35% TCA peel due to the possibility of scarring and prolonged downtime.

    Sometimes stronger is not always better.

    I have done four 25% TCA peels at home and it takes a full five days to go through the peeling process. I know that we all want the fastest healing process possible, but I think that taking a slower, more conservative approach may be in your best interests.


  16. I used Arnica gel that I bought at the health food store and didn't find that it didn't anything to help the bruising. Keep in mind that bruising is actually a good thing because it causes the body to release various healing agents that help in the collagen remodeling process.

    However, if you are like most of us, you either have to go to school or you have a job or both. So, returning to some normalcy in appearance is important. I let the bruising take its course.

    As far as supplements are concerned, I think that in addition to vitamin c, you should consider taking zinc which is known to help in collagen formation and deposition.

    My primary care physician convinced me several years ago to take vitamin d supplements (2,000 icu's per day) which is also good for the skin.

    Consider using topicals containing ester c and dmae. Retinol is another good topical to improve the appearance of your skin.

    Any supplements known to be anti-inflammatory in nature may be helpful: tumeric. I didn't know about tumeric when I had my treatments, but I now take it as a supplement.

    Hope this helps.


  17. I combined suctioning with subcision after my fourth subcision treatment. My doctor did not offer suctioning as part of the after-care, so I used a hand held Orec vacuum sweeper nozzle to my face and suctioned my face twice a day beginning after the third day if I remember correctly.

    It was highly effective and amazed my doctor. However, it did result in prolonged bruising which ended up being a good thing. I had large bump on my left cheek and one on my right cheek which lasted for weeks. However, the scars on my left cheek never reappeared much to my amazement. With the previous subcision treatments, the scars would reappear at various depths after a week or so and then fill in to various degrees.

    I regret that I had not known about suctioning when I had my first subcision treatment done. I encourage you to find some type of suctioning device online or improvise like I did - it made a huge difference and I have never regretted the decision to use it.

  18. Last month marked the five year anniversary since my first subcision treatment in March of 2009.

    I wanted to provide people who are interested with a five year update since I am not aware of any 'long-term' studies of subcision and long-term results.

    Here is a brief synopsis of my journey:

    My mother suffered from terrible cystic acne which completely disfigured her face. She underwent two dermabrasion treatments but they didn't do anything to truly improve her scarring because her scars were tethered. By fourth grade, I got my first pimple and began to get cysts beginning in eighth grade. I suffered from cystic acne from eighth grade through my 30's. I went on antibiotics and used topical BP with limited success.

    Finally, I decided to go on Accutane in 1998 and my face EXPLODED with cystic acne all over my face. I looked like a leper and wanted to crawl under a rock. Before this time, I had some scarring on my right cheek, but that was about it. Now, I had scarring on both cheeks, my chin, and a few scars on my temple.

    I ended up going on a second round of Accutane later and I have not had any cysts since then.

    However, I now had a lot of deep scarring that made me feel horrible about myself. So, I began to do research online about how to treat acne scarring and I stumbled upon this website. I chronicled my journey on this site, so anyone interested can go back and read the threads.

    I wanted to let people know that I have maintained the results that I achieved through earlier my earlier subcision treatments. One thing that I have done, however, since beginning this journey was to do the following:

    1) radically change my diet. I have cut out nearly 90% of junk and fast food over the past 4.5 years and I believe that the results show on my face. I eat a lot of organic foods and take multivitamins.

    2) began to use antioxidants both internally and externally. I use sunscreen seven days a week during the day and use a facial cream containing ester c, DMAE, and vitamin e.

    3) I also began dermarolling and recently started using a dermastamp and have seen improvement using this modality, too.

    4) I also have done NUMEROUS chemical peels and have found a 25% TCA peel to be the most effective peel that I have ever done.

    Acne scar reduction is a journey and improvement does not occur overnight. It took me several years of subcision treatments, chemical peels, topicals, dermarolling, etc. to see improvement.

    As good as my photos may be, I did not obtain 100% improvement. Some of my scars are still visible under certain lighting conditions, but they have improved to such an extent that they are no longer the first thing you notice when you see my face. All in all, I would say that I have experienced 70-80% improvement in the reduction of my scaring and I am content with how I appear today; I do not plan on pursuing any further subcision treatments at this point in my life.

    I have uploaded three photos in my gallery to give people an idea of how my skin appears today.

    I wish anyone reading this post tremendous success on their journey. There are definitely 'ups' and 'downs' along the way, but it is certainly worth it.


  19. I have been doing chemical peels for over five years now, so I have progressed up to a 70% Lactic Acid peel.

    I apply the peeling agent after I have completed the dermastamping session and leave it on for ten minutes.

    Then, I wash it off and then apply Reviva Labs DMAE/Ester C cream. My goal is to maximize absorption from where the needles pierced my skin.

    So far, it appears to be working well.



    Next month I will do a five year update for anyone following my thread. One of the questions that I have been asked repeatedly as been: have the results lasted?

    So, I will provide an overview of the treatments that I had and provide photos of how my skin looks today.

    One thing that I will say in advance is that I have really paid much more attention to my diet over the past five years and it clearly shows on my skin. I used to eat way too much fast food and junk food in general and I have cut out 99% of that stuff over the past several years and focused on changing my skin from the inside/out.

    Stay tuned for an update next month.


  20. Just checking back in over a year later. The results are phenomenal. I'd estimate at least 70% improvement to my cystic scarring at a minimum. The before pictures I posted don't show how bad it truly was. Now my scars are hardly visible in even the most severe lighting. I never expected one round of subcision to achieve these results. Also, I think taking vitamin C and collagen supplements in the weeks after helped regenerate tissue.

    Congratulations on your success and thanks for following up on your status.

  21. I use vitamin e oil on my face every night and I have not had a problem with my pores getting clogged.

    If you still have active acne, I wouldn't use it, though.

    i used 25% from skin obcession...clean ur face with alcohol first ...use a cool air dryer ...or water for cooling ...apply it in 3 stages ...wait few minutes after each application ...keep aquafor on ur face whole time ...mine peels in 72 hours ....also wear goggles bc u don't want this shit in ur eyes...helps to have someone help u!

    how long did it take to be completely healed ? and did it still have redness after ? also were results good ?