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  1. It's nearly 8:00 p.m. on day three of my 25% TCA peel.

    I just took a warm shower  to help with the peeling process and my face is beginning to 'crinkle' around my nose which is a sign that major peeling should start in the next 12-48 hours.

    My face looks very brown right now and I am ready to shed this old skin. I don't like being cooped up on the house especially when it's summertime and I am on vacation.

    Hopefully, I will have shed this 'dead skin mask' by Friday and I can get out and about.....

  2. 9:40 a.m. My face began to feel not only tight, but extremely itchy.

    I went into the bathroom and took a look at my face. Large swaths of skin on my left cheek are beginning to come off in sheets.

    Molting has begun..........The warm shower that I took first thing this morning coupled with washing my face with Ivory Soap and water must have helped to loosen the brown mask left by the chemical peel.

    I'll be posting photos later.

  3. It's 9:47 p.m. My face was itching like crazy, so I decided to take a look at my face in the mirror.

    My face has been to peel along the 'nasio-labal' area (sides of my nose) and at the corners of my mouth.

    I am going to wash my face with Ivory soap before I go to bed and apply more burn anointment to my entire face.

    All day, my face has felt like I had a mask on which was becoming progressively tighter and tighter. Earlier in the day, our youngest son said to me, 'You remind of Dracula because you can't go outside and be in the sun. Your face looks as if it is covered in Saran Wrap.'

    I expect to see more extensive peeling when I wake up in the morning

  4. 12:34 p.m. My face continues to feel tighter and tighter. I just looked in the mirror and can see the first signs of skin peeling in the nasiolabal area of my face which is a good sign. My face feels very 'crusty' and I expect that I should have massive peeling beginning tomorrow based upon my last three peels. For those of you whose acne and resultant scarring have left you with an uneven skin tone, I have found 25% TCA peels to be very effective for improving this.

  5. It's about 4:00 p.m. now and about 85% of my face has completely peeled revealing pink and healthy looking skin. My cheeks were the first to peel followed by my chin, forehead, and temples. I expect that the remainder will come off tomorrow. This morning, it was strange getting out of the shower and seeing strips of skin hanging off my face. Tomorrow, I shave!