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  1. oh sorry the yellow skin thing is probably carotemia due to the body now being unable to convert beta carotene to retinol, due to the high level of retinoic acid already in the cells, diabetics and people with hypothyroid have the same problem causing their skin to turn yellow, do you eat high carotene foods like lots of fruits and vegetables cut out high carotene foods and it should go away.
  2. I know why Seb Derm treatments dont work, firstly i'm 23 years old i took accutane at 17 and developed facial flushing and cracked lips throughout my course. After discontinuing the product i developed extremely severe seb derm of the face and scalp, i'd gauge about an inch thick all over at it's worst. The outer portion of my eyes became very red and i could never gain a pound above 10 stone. To explain whats happening to you Accutane is a synthetic form of Retinoic acid, retinoic acid is what
  3. i was just wondering whether it's available over in britain or whether i have to travel to the US to get it done?
  4. If they're all icepicks, I would have punch excisions. Having a filler is not appropriate for icepicks.
  5. i'm really happy for you i really hope it works out for you in the end i can notice an improvement certainly on one side of your face, good luck my friend stay resiliant
  6. My name is daniel and i live in britain, my scars are what you'd call deep ice pick scars on my cheeks and temple, they were caused by a rare skin growth that i still havent got control of, i'm starting to completely lose hope i just want to know whats the best treatment for ice pick scars i've been looking into co2 lasers and micro droplet sillicone i want to know whether anyone knows whether it's available in britain, i'm severyly depressed and have been unable to funtion normally over the las