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  1. Right so I see that it looks purple ish in the picture, is that actually what it looks like or was it just because of the lighting in the room you took the pic in? Also does the other side of your face look like that as well? Sorry I'm not much help yet but this will get somewhere.
  2. This needs to be brought to attention. I look at all the posts here and everyone says things like, "the marks will fade away with time", or "don't worry they fade eventually". Are you fucking kidding me?? My marks have been around for more than a year and they're still there! And I have like 25 of them! What makes it even worse is, nobody and I mean NOBODY who is in the same position as me knows a damn thing! Ahhhh I'm beyond frustrated right now, has anyone ever successfully gotten rid of red m
  3. Is this an ongoing concern of yours? Or have the red marks only been lingering for a little longer than usual so you just decided to ask about it? Have you noticed that only a minority of acne sufferers complain about red marks that don't go away? I'm pulling my hair out try to figure this out! I don't know how to answer your question, but boy I wish I did though.
  4. I'm confused, is the acne gone or is it just flat there? How long has it been there? Those aren't scars, because they aren't pitted. Do you know what PIE is? No, I'm not talking about the food.
  5. Neither aloe vera nor sun will do a damn thing to help, at least in my experience. If your condition isn't that bad to begin with I'd just wait until it goes away.
  6. What's the deal with cod liver oil? Why does everyone and their mother say fermented cod liver oil? What's wrong with the regular kind?
  7. Hi sorry for the late reply, I really didn't think I would get any posts here and I didn't notice this on here because I don't come on here very often. Anyways, you mentioned you wanted to try the sheets, and I'm sure you've probably already been using it for a while, so how has it been working out so far? What do you know about the gel kind? Do you think that kind works better for the PIE in particular? Or are the sheets more effective?
  8. My thoughts are a little different, I think acne is the worst thing that has ever happened to me and I don't see it as anything else.
  9. You've had acne for two years? What have you tried to do for your skin in that time? You said you haven't used many drugstore products, but what have you used? It's very important that you do everything you can for your skin for you to expect it to get better. Your acne is still mild, don't give it a chance to get worse. If you haven't been serious about getting rid of it, act now. You're right about not wanting to see a derm, you don't need to. That should be saved for when you seriously don't
  10. I'm sure you've tried a lot to fix your skin, but I HIGHLY doubt you've tried everything. There is a metric crap load of anti acne products out there, there's no way you can claim to have tried them all. Be persistent, there has to be something out there that works for you. It might seem hard, but know that giving up is not an option. Just keep looking.
  11. Try it out, I would like to know if it actually works well for people or not.
  12. Oily skin with no pimples is a heck of a lot better than non oily skin with pimples don't you think?
  13. Why do you always seem like you're okay with still having marks after 8-9 months? Don't you think that's more than enough time for them to fade? Do you even want them to fade? Why would avoiding the sun and using sunscreen help with the marks? How does the sun affect them?
  14. If you've had them for 2 months and it they don't look like they have faded at all it's more than likely post inflammatory erythema. Which is bad news because it's evidently very difficult to get rid of those kinds of marks without going through expensive procedures like laser treatments. I don't know why this isn't seen as as big of an issue as acne itself because having red marks that don't go away absolutely sucks because like you said they just keep building up and it looks just as bad if no
  15. Giving them time to fade might be a good idea but if you've had them for more than 2 months and they don't seem to be fading you need to find something to help with them. I'm sorry but having red marks for 8-9 months is simply unacceptable, if you have red marks still on your face after 8-9 months something is clearly wrong. I'm sure indented scars are a different story but if they last that long on your face and you have a lot of them like I do, they are just as bad as pitted scars, therefore y