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  1. daveman

    My acne :(

    It's been like this for 3 months and counting, even after doing regimen and using tetrecycline... accutane here we c
  2. hey man, just wondering about the itchy face thingy, i get that and im not even on accutane, im simply on tetracycline and other stuff on my face. Moisturise helps whith the itching i think, ive tried it and it does help also i can sympathise with you man, i have the same problem, and yeah i get so paranoid and feel like 0 self esteem, i just want them to go away! Especially after they did during summer!
  3. Ok well here it is, I'm gonna start a log just to see where i get, right now ive had really moderate to even quite severe acne, and its all since school started and summer finished which is quite annoying and ive noticed im the only person that i know that has it this bad!! Boo sucks! Anyway im on 2x tetracycline tabs a day and then using a variety of stuff in the morning and evening i'll post soon on what im doing to give you an idea... anyway i must go to town now so ill update later in the
  4. hmm yeah im from the UK too and i was just wondering can it be cold that helps cause spots and blemishes because well i don't have acne at all really in summer but it comes to winter and autumn and they come flying out and i really hate it, right now i've got lots of pimples on my cheeks and its really quite saddening
  5. I had acne or spots or whatever from about year 8 (12/13 years old) till end of year 11 (15/16 years old) and then i had an amazing summer where my acne and spots went away completely! My skin was wonderful and only had a few blackheads to worry about and that didn't bother me i felt so confident and i felt as if so many people where so nice and it was brilliant however i go back to school and my acne comes back and its all over my cheeks and its so annoying I HATE it why did it come back, its